I Still Haven’t Paid My Property Taxes – Now What?

• In the month of June, counties may send letters announcing steep penalties that will be added to your account in July.
• On July 1st, most counties transfer delinquent accounts to collection attorneys and add an additional 15-20% penalty, increasing original tax bills by up to 36% – 41%.
Collection attorneys begin contacting taxpayers by mail and phone.
• Attorneys file tax lawsuits, and all court costs are passed on to the taxpayer.
• Each property owners is liable and can be sued personally for delinquent taxes.
• Every taxing unit holds a tax lien and has the power to foreclose on the lien and seize the property.
Properties with delinquent taxes may be auctioned, and the proceeds used to pay the taxes.

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We want to help you, and today would be a great time to solve this problem before the county’s collection efforts increase. You’ve already suffered the financial penalty – but you can still avoid a bunch of pestering that is coming your way if you call (800) 688-7306 today. We look forward to receiving your call so we can take care of your property taxes before you endure more pain and suffering as the county intensifies its collection efforts.