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How It Works

We can pay your taxes in less than 24 hours with a 5 minute phone call.

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Our Loan Process is Hassle-Free

After we have your completed loan application (over the phone or online), your loan can be approved and a closing date can be scheduled in as little as 24 hours anywhere in the state of Texas (we close loans out of state as well).

You can choose a first-payment due date and payment schedule that’s convenient for you. By extending the due date, your monthly payment amount will decrease, providing you with a payment plan that fits comfortably within your monthly budget.

Getting started in 3 easy steps

Apply Online or By Phone

Once we have your basic information, one of our licensed loan officers will work with you on a custom payment plan. Once our underwriters receive your application, we'll perform a quick title search and prepare final closing documents.

Schedule Your Closing

After your loan is approved, we will contact you to schedule a time for closing. We can send our closing agent to your home or business to sign the final documents, or sign online with our virtual notary.

Your Property Taxes are Paid!

Following a three-day waiting period required by law, Home Tax Solutions will pay your property taxes and send you a paid receipt from your taxing authority. Now you can get back to your life, worry-free!

LOW Fixed Rate

At Home Tax Solutions, we don't just say we have the lowest rates, we guarantee it. In fact, we’ll give you $100 if we can’t beat a competitor’s offer. According to the most recent published industry study, we were 2.5% lower than the industry average.

NO Credit Check

We don’t pull individual credit reports. Never have. Never will. It’s part of our commitment to be the customer-focused no-hassle property tax payment solution for Texans.

NO Payments for 12 Months

Our goal is to give property owners the time they need to get their financial legs under them. That’s why we offer payment deferrals for up to twelve months to qualified borrowers.

ZERO Money Due at Closing

Put your cash away. You have enough hands reaching into your pockets. We want to help you keep your property and your money. All you’ll need at closing is your signature.

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Are you behind on your Texas property taxes? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Home Tax Solutions offers property tax loans with low-interest rates and hassle-free repayment options. We've helped thousands of Texans get back on track, and we can help you too! Just fill out the form below or give us a call at 800-688-7306 and get your property taxes paid today!