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Do Seniors Get a Property Tax Break in Texas?

High property taxes in Texas can make it difficult for anyone to fit the cost of these annual bills into their budgets. However, for seniors, high home tax rates can mean the difference between being able to afford their independence and maintain the family home for their children. In recognition of this potential hardship, Texas […]

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How to Protest Your Texas Property Taxes & Win

Property taxes in Texas are always some of the highest in the country, but most people don’t take advantage of the multiple avenues to reduce their annual bills, including protesting their appraised home values. In this blog, the Home Tax Solutions team will take you through the process of protesting your property tax value with […]

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Home Tax Solutions Named Best Place to Work in North Texas

At Home Tax Solutions, we opened our doors in 2012 with one goal in mind – to help Texas homeowners fit the cost of property taxes into their budgets. This business started at the kitchen table of our founder, Trey Rome. From his home, it was easy to keep the importance of family and enjoying […]

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Are Property Tax Loans a Good Idea?

Many Texas homeowners struggle to cover their always-increasing property tax bills from year to year. If you’re in need of property tax help, but you’ve hesitated to apply for a home tax loan, this blog will answer some of the questions we hear most often and help you understand why property tax loans are a […]

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