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Top 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Property Tax Loan

When it comes to property taxes, everyone can use a little help now and then. If you are in need of help, applying for a property tax loan can be your only option to keep your home. However, loans of any kind can be tricky, and property tax loans are no exception. If you are […]

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How to Find Qualified Property Tax Lenders Near You

If you own a commercial or residential property and cannot cover the costs of your annual property tax bill, you’re likely scrambling to find the best solution. When left unpaid, local taxing entities can add penalties and interest fees each month, increasing the amount and placing you at risk for foreclosure.  Fortunately, Texas property owners […]

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I Was Served With a Tax Suit, Now What?

Receiving a legal notice for unpaid property taxes is alarming for any Texas resident, and if you find yourself in this position, you likely want to know the best choice for moving forward. In Texas, delinquent property tax collection practices can get aggressive and become overwhelming quickly. With property taxes due on January 1 and […]

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How a Property Tax Loan Can Stop a Lawsuit on Your Property

A delinquent property tax bill is distressing, and a looming lawsuit can bring more anxiety to an already stressful financial situation. If this is the current state of circumstances you find yourself in, a property tax loan may be the solution you’re looking for.  A property tax loan through an approved lender can stop collection […]

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Benefits of a Property Tax Loan

For many Texans, their annual property tax bill is a burden. And with the increase in dollars we’ve seen over recent years, this comes as no surprise. When overwhelmed by a looming property tax bill that may seem unaffordable, property owners can take measures and protect their investment. One solution is a property tax loan […]

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