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A How-To Guide for Protesting Your Texas Property Tax Appraisal

As a Texas Taxpayer, you have the responsibility of paying taxes on time and specific rights. We can find this Texas Taxpayer Bill of Rights on the Texas Comptroller site and includes the right to: Fair and equitable treatment Privacy and confidentiality Understand the taxes you pay Pay only what you owe Representation Contest a […]

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North Texas Sees a Record Increase in Price Per Square Foot

Across North Texas, homeowners (and buyers) feel the brunt of skyrocketing home values and price per square foot. Since January 2021, the average price per square foot of single-family homes rose 22%. That amounts to $188 per square foot. And with a limited supply of homes to meet demands, this increase in sale prices is […]

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What are the Penalties for Not Paying Property Taxes in Texas?

Texans pay some of the highest home tax rates in the United States, but it’s important to pay on time and in full for not only your own benefit, but for others in the state. Property taxes serve an essential function for the state of Texas. They fund many government services, such as hospitals, schools, […]

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How a Property Tax Loan Can Help You Pay Off Delinquent Property Taxes

Property taxes can be a thorn in the side for many homeowners, but these monies help Texas government provide essential services for communities across Texas. Property taxes are local taxes, and they provide the largest source of money to cover the costs of schools, hospitals, police and fire protection, and road services and supplies (roughly […]

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How to Resolve Title Issues

Taking title of your home makes you the legal owner of the property and establishes a set of property owner rights, including the right of possession, control, enjoyment, disposition, and exclusion. In less legal terms, these rights give you full authority to live in the home, choose the color of the paint, decide what flowers […]

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