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Need Help with Paying Property Taxes in Texas?

If you own property, you have to pay taxes. Property Taxes were due by January 31. Which means if you still haven’t paid, penalties, attorney’s fees, and interest all have been accruing since February 1 and have attached to your property. If paying your property taxes is still on your to-do list, there are few […]

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Relief Against Increasing Texas Property Taxes

Texas property taxes are in the top 5 most expensive in the nation, about 1/3 higher than the national average. Texas has neither a state property tax, nor a state income tax, so local property taxes have to go further than other places around the country. This year, same as many years before it, most […]

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Changes to Texas property taxes in 2018: What does it mean for you?

It’s tax season, and if you are still trying to figure out how the new federal tax plan affects you, you aren’t alone. Earlier this year, Congress made a speedy change to the federal tax plan to change the local tax (and therefore your property tax) deduction guidelines.   Prior to this year, Texans could take […]

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How to Pay Texas Property Taxes Fast

As human beings, we are all guilty of procrastinating. However, when it comes to paying your property taxes, procrastinating is very costly. As of February 1st, all unpaid Texas property taxes became delinquent and attached to your property. This means that you’ll pay in the form of interest, fees, collection attorneys and even possible foreclosure. […]

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Texas Property Tax Deadlines 2018

It’s tax season in Texas. Here are the important dates for the 2018 tax year that every homeowner needs to know.  If you need help paying your Texas property taxes, contact Home Tax Solutions to learn more about a property tax loan. January 31st  This is the last day you may pay your Texas property taxes […]

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