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Property Tax Loans vs Lien Transfers – Is There a Difference?

Many people move to Texas because of the low income taxes, but while our income taxes remain still some of the lowest in the nation, property taxes are some of the highest. In fact, several cities in Texas rank in the top ten highest property tax rates nationwide. For this reason, offering property tax loans […]

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Common Mistakes During the Property Tax Appeals Process

So, your property tax bill showed up in October, and the value of your home seemed much too high. Now what? Many homeowners simply accept that their tax assessor’s office got it right, and they pay the bill. However, you do have a right to appeal the assessment of your property value, and thus, the […]

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Home Tax Solutions Named Best Texas Property Tax Lender of 2019

At Home Tax Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a unique financial solution for Texas homeowners who are struggling to fit the cost of their annual property taxes into their budgets. With low interest rates, payment deferral options and great loan terms, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and stop dreading checking the mail […]

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The Role of Realtors in Property Tax Education for Homebuyers

When buying a new home, you will have a lot on your mind. From the home search itself to choosing a mortgage lender, you have enough to worry about. Then, you have to take into consideration long-term concerns like property tax rates. Keep reading to learn more about the answers you can expect from your […]

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