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Home Tax Solutions is Standing By Texas Homeowners During the Pandemic

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was declared in March, the Home Tax Solutions team was taken completely by surprise along with the rest of country, and we know that many of our homeowners were too. Rather than play the wait-and-see game, our knowledgeable team members went to work right away to ensure we were able […]

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It’s Not Too Late! Prioritize Your Property Tax Payment & Stay in Your Home

When you visit the Home Tax Solutions website, you’ll see a promise prominently displayed on our front page – “Helping Texans keep their property. That’s our business.” When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit, we knew our promise to Texas homeowners had never been more important. Many people are struggling financially right now, and if your […]

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Property Tax Trends in Dallas County

This year, all of our hard work tracking property tax trends may not be helpful. It remains to be seen how significantly the COVID-19 pandemic will impact our property taxes this year and in the years to come. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some trends in property taxes over the last few […]

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Preparing for Your District Court Appeal

In the state of Texas, property tax appraisers have a lot on their plate, and in most cases, homes are not physically appraised each year. Instead, appraisers complete a cycle of regular assessments and make adjustments to appraised value based on details you provide and comparable properties that are assessed that year. This means they […]

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My Property Tax Protest Was Denied by the ARB What Now?

Whether your phone or video appraisal review board (ARB) hearing wasn’t as clear or helpful as you hoped or you have new information to support your appeal, you don’t have to just accept their determination. Let’s start by saying that, in the best circumstances, ARBs in the state of Texas field numerous protests, and they […]

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