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5 Reasons People Trust Home Tax Solutions

There’s a good reason Texas property owners turn to Home Tax Solutions for help on property tax loans. Five good reasons, actually. Here they are: Hassle Free Guarantee #1: Pricing Home Tax Solutions offers an interest rate that’s 2.7% lower than average in the property tax loan industry, according to recent studies. In addition, we […]

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What to do if you can’t pay your Texas property taxes

What are my options if my Texas property taxes are past due? Property tax loans are a valuable option to help protect your home. Reach out to one of our licensed  loan specialists today who can help pay your property taxes and offer a low interest program to get your loan paid off in no […]

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Where does my tax money go?

At the beginning of every year, your property taxes are assessed based on the value of your home, but where does that money go? At Home Tax Solutions, we want you to be informed about how your tax dollars are being spent. Here is the general breakdown of how Texas property tax is distributed by […]

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We can help you pay your Texas property taxes

At Home Tax Solutions, we’ve helped thousands of Texans pay their property taxes, and we know what our customers need most: a guaranteed low interest rate and extra time before the first payment is due. That’s why we’re currently offering no payment for 12 months on Texas property tax loans, and a low, competitive interest […]

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What am I supposed to do? I can’t pay my Texas property taxes!

“What am I supposed to do? I can’t pay my texas property taxes!” Your local government will levy penalties on any unpaid taxes in the event that you cannot pay them in full by the January 31st delinquency date. So, having a plan is essential to ensure you keep your property and your peace of […]

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