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How Long Can I Go Without Paying Texas Property Taxes Before Foreclosure?

The easiest answer is that your home can be foreclosed on any time after the property tax bill is due. However, the taxing authorities don’t  usually move to start foreclosure proceedings until the homeowners have had an opportunity to repay their property taxes. Most counties don’t want to kick families out of their homes, so […]

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Five Counties with the Lowest Property Taxes in Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the property tax bills. The statewide average property tax is about 1.8% of the appraised home value, but residents of Texas will tell you they’d be lucky to only pay 1.8%. Depending on the location, Texas homeowners can find themselves paying more than 4% on average. However, there are some […]

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What Is My Personal Liability if I Don’t Pay My Property Tax Bill?

What Is My Personal Liability if I Don’t Pay My Property Tax Bill?  Property taxes in the state of Texas are high, and they’re on the rise right along with home values. It’s extremely common for Texas homeowners to struggle with covering the cost of these property tax bills every year, but the personal liability […]

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When Are Property Taxes Due in Texas?

If you’re new to the Lone Star State or are a new homeowner, you may have already heard  about the high property taxes in Texas, and we’re glad you’re already doing your research to stay ahead of the game! Property tax bills in the state of Texas can be high, which is stressful enough on […]

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Are Your Property Taxes Delinquent?

Are Your Property Taxes Delinquent? It’s June and your property taxes are still due. It’s time to do something in the next 30 days your penalties and interest are going to increase over 20% and your account’s going to be handed over to collection attorneys. So us at Home Tax Solutions, we’re here to help […]

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