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We Pay Your Property Taxes

Keep your property and your peace of mind. When Texas residents find themselves in a pinch, unable to pay their property taxes, we’re the affordable solution they turn to for hassle-free, low-interest loans. We’re the leader in property tax loans, having served thousands of Texans.  Give us a call now (800) 688-7306.

Low fixed rates

We offer the lowest rates in the industry, guaranteed. If a competitor can beat our offer, we’ll give you $100. No questions asked.

No credit check

We don’t pull individual credit reports. That’s not how we do business.

No payments for up to six months

We offer payment deferrals for up to six months to qualified borrowers.

No cash due at closing

You come to closing with little more than your signature.
Before I found out about Home Tax Solutions, I felt trapped under my mounting property taxes. But thanks to the experts at Home Tax Solutions, I was able to set up a manageable monthly loan payment program that allowed me to keep the home of my dreams. My payments are reasonable, and the process was quick and easy.

Angela R., San Antonio, Texas
The friendly experts at Home Tax Solutions talked me through the entire process and set me up with a property tax loan to fit my budget. Now I know the treehouse we built in the backyard will be with us for many years to come.

Alberto H., Corpus Christi, Texas
All it took was one call to Home Tax Solutions for me to get back on track and stop worrying about foreclosure. Now, instead of thinking about losing my home, I’m doing the important things like spending time with my family and enjoying my career. Not only was the loan process trouble-free, but also the terms fit my budget and the staff was friendly, professional and catered to my needs.
Thank you, Home Tax Solutions.

Travis M., Austin, Texas
I was extremely distraught when I learned our family was in jeopardy of losing the family ranch we’d owned for generations. I did some research and discovered several companies that provide property tax loans. We called two of the others, but were never satisfied—it didn’t feel right. Then we called Home Tax Solutions. The service and attention to detail blew me away.
Trey and the rest of the team took a huge burden off my shoulders. It meant a lot.
Now I know my kids will one day be able to bring their families out here to enjoy our beloved home in the country.
Jeff D., Fort Worth, Texas

Helping Texans Keep Their Property. That’s Our Business.

This company was founded by a third-generation Texan, so we know the value placed on the land and on the rich traditions of the state. Our goal is make it as easy as possible to protect your home.

We’ve never foreclosed on a property.

Low fixed rate

You won’t find a better rate; if you do, we’ll pay you cash.

No credit check

We don’t check your credit, and nearly everyone is approved.

Generous payment terms

Our payment terms are more generous that any of our competitors, and certainly better than those offered by the respective counties.

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