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Property Tax Loan Eligibility Requirements

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There are always circumstances beyond our control—you can try as hard as you can to be diligent about your property taxes, but it’s not always possible. If the property taxes on your home or business are delinquent, Home Tax Solutions can provide you with a loan that stops all interest, penalties, and legal fees, and pays off the taxing authority in full.

Everyone deserves a little help, and Home Tax Solutions is more than willing to provide property tax loans for Texans in need. We will not run a credit bureau check, and we understand if you are behind on other bills. In fact, 99% of our applications are approved, usually within the same day.

To determine if you’re eligible for our residential or commercial loans, read the information below or contact us today.

Residential Loan Eligibility

  • Your property must be located in the state of Texas
  • Penalties and taxes must exceed $2,000
  • If your property is your homestead, you must be under the age of 65
  • Title owner must be the signee of all loan documents

Commercial Loan Eligibility

  • Your property must be located in the state of Texas
  • Borrower cannot be in bankruptcy
  • Property cannot have any federal tax liens
  • Ability to pay the minimum loan payments

Which Property Types Are Eligible?*

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Farm Land
  • Condominium Projects
  • Parking Lots
  • Warehouses
  • Single-Family Lot Developments
  • Development/Construction Projects
  • Raw Land
  • Apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Rental Homes
  • *And more

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