Save Your Home From Foreclosure; Know Your Property Tax Payment Options

Despite hard work, sometimes Texans end up owing the county more property taxes than they can afford to pay. If you’re there, you’re not alone.

The skyrocketing costs are scary enough. But after six months of delinquency, you’re probably also facing an intimidating law firm sending letters or even calling your place of business in order to collect. You’ve suddenly found yourself between a rock and a hard place, because the attorneys at those firms are some of Texas’ most powerful collection agencies — meaning they play hardball to get what they’re after.

Your options are to:

  • Pay the amount in full,
  • Arrange an inflexible, high-interest payment plan, often due in less than a year, or
  • Lose your property.

But you don’t have to panic! That’s where Home Tax Solutions comes in. We make property tax loans in Texas every single day, sending in our licensed professionals to pay the county’s tax bill for you and working out a flexible payment plan with up to ten years in which to complete the loan. In fact, in the month of May, Home Tax Solutions saved over ten homes from a tax sale foreclosure initiated by the collection attorneys. That’s ten families still sleeping soundly at night, still keeping their children in their preferred schools, still owning their homes rather than being evicted with nowhere to go.

That makes us feel good about coming to work everyday. We’re people who want to help our neighbors, our friends and our fellow Texans when they need us most. Call us today at 800-688-7306 or fill out our secure application HERE. If your property taxes are already taken care of, refer a friend to our services and receive a $150 check upon the closing of their loan. They must mention your name as the referral source prior to closing day.

*Your tax office may offer delinquent tax installment plans that may be less costly to you. You can request information about the availability of these plans from the tax office.