The Looming Danger of July 1st

July 1st seems like any other day, but there are some huge implications this day brings with it. This is the day you have to have both your Commercial and Residential property taxes paid by.
Curious about what happens if you don’t pay by this date?
The first thing that happens is your fees and penalties jump from 15% to 42%. No, that is not a joke and that jump in fees is by no means the end of this situation. Interest will accrue for the time it takes you to resolve the issue. You can end up with an extra 47% or more tacked on to the money you already owe. Guess what? If you thought that was the end of your troubles you are also wrong. When the July penalty hits, you are getting hit with a lawsuit from your local taxing authority. This suit can result in your home being foreclosed. 
How can you protect yourself?
It’s important to act as quickly as you can because, as you can see, putting it off has some pretty severe consequences. A Property Tax Loan acts as your defense against penalties while providing you with low monthly payments on what could have been a huge burden. Home Tax Solutions works to make these as affordable as possible. By using flexible time frames, you can get the payment you are looking for. 
Don’t get stuck with huge penalties when you can take care of things before they become a problem. Home Tax Solutions can resolve your property tax issues before July 1st. In fact, getting a Property Tax Loan takes no time at all, and getting approved is just a quick phone call away. We are proud to say we have never foreclosed on a home and have no intention of doing so. Home Tax Solutions looks to keep a roof over your head and your business yours. 
When Texas residents find themselves in a pinch and unable to pay their property taxes, we’re the affordable solution they turn to for hassle-free, low-interest loans. We’re the leader in property tax loans, having served thousands of Texans. Apply for a property tax loan TODAY!