A Guide to Understanding Your Property Tax

Here at Home Tax Solutions, we know that property taxes are confusing. That’s why we have created a simplified guide to help you understand your property taxes.

Let’s start with the basics: What is a property tax assessment and how does it work?

A tax assessment is an opinion of value that is used as the basis for calculating how much a homeowner will pay in property taxes. The higher value given to a home, the greater a homeowner will pay in taxes. In nearly all cases, a tax assessment is based on the market value of a home. Procedures for conducting tax assessments vary from state to state, but typically an assessor’s job is to organize a community’s properties into different groups based on similar characteristics as well as individual aspects of a home.

My property was assessed…now what?

Now that your assessment has been reached, municipal governments apply a predetermined tax rate formula to determine your final property tax. This formula ensures that community has enough revenue to fund all budgeted public spending.

Opportunities to appeal

Disagree with a tax assessment? There are steps you can take to have it reviewed, but only if you believe there was an error in the assessed value of your home. This means that you cannot just contest your property rate tax because you don’t like the amount, you can only contest the value they placed on your home, which could in turn affect your overall property tax. Visit your local assessor’s office find out more about the review and appeal processes. Deadlines for appealing and assessments vary from state to state, so read your assessment notice carefully.

Home Tax Solutions: Who are we?

Home Tax Solutions is a privately held specialty finance company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We offer property owners an easy, quick, and affordable solution to paying their delinquent property taxes. We believe in conducting business ethically and keeping our consumers’ financial recovery as our top priority.

Our Job

Home Tax Solutions offers property tax payment plans in Texas, creating affordable and flexible payment plans. With your consent, we pay your delinquent property taxes directly to the local taxing agency, which then transfers the tax lien to us. We provide tax lien solutions nationwide alongside municipalities and government officials to find solutions to unpaid property taxes.

For property taxes made simple, leave it to Home Tax Solutions. We’ve got your back.

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