Important Things You Need to Know about Property Taxes

Texas Property Taxes

Let’s start with the basics: how does the state of Texas define property taxes? According to the Texas Controller of Public Accounts, “Property taxes are local taxes that provide the largest source of money local governments use to pay for schools, streets, roads, police, fire protection and many other services.”

Who decides how much you have to pay?

The process of setting rates and collecting taxes is established by local o cials. These o cials base tax rates o determined property value, making sure that values are uniform. If you disagree with your home’s assessed value, you have the option to appeal. If your property value is lowered, your taxes will also reduce.

Paying your taxes

Taxes are due annually, generally starting on October 1. If taxes are not paid by January 31 of the following year, they are considered delinquent. If the delinquent taxes are not paid by February 1, interest rates and penalty fees may be enforced. The best way to avoid delinquent tax fees: pay your taxes on time. If you know you won’t be able to pay your property taxes by January 31, reach out to a property tax lender for help.

We’re here to help!

Home Tax Solutions works with Texans to keep property in the hands of the owners. Together, we can create a flexible payment plan that fits your lifestyle and will help you avoid fines and interest rates.

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