January 31st is approaching

As Texans begin work on their New Year’s resolutions and get situated in 2017, they all know what the end of January means. January 31st marks the delinquency date for state property taxes in Texas. If your Texas property taxes have not been paid on or before this date, state law requires interest and penalties charged on any unpaid amount. 

If you are unable to pay your Texas property taxes before the January 31st delinquency date, Home Tax Solutions can help. We will pay your property taxes and guide you down the path towards peace of mind. We find purpose in ensuring our clients keep they’re homes or properties, and are proud to have never foreclosed on anyone, ever.

With no cash due at closing and no credit checks, Home Tax Solutions makes it as easy as possible to get your head above water. Our team of real estate experts and property tax lenders, who have more than 50 years of experience, are eager to serve the Dallas County community. Don’t put off paying your Texas property taxes any longer, we can help. Visit our website or give us a call to begin the Texas property tax loan process.