What am I supposed to do? I can’t pay my Texas property taxes!

“What am I supposed to do? I can’t pay my texas property taxes!”
Your local government will levy penalties on any unpaid taxes in the event that you cannot pay them in full by the January 31st delinquency date. So, having a plan is essential to ensure you keep your property and your peace of mind. It’s also important to remember that your local municipality is the governing body that decides the amount of interest accrued or penalties due, so it may vary in each Texas city.
“What if I can pay off some of my owed amount by the delinquency date?
There are two options of how to handle unpaid property taxes. The first, is to take on the penalties with the intention of paying them off as soon as possible yourself. With this directions, you can attempt to negotiate a hardship exemption or tax deferral, but that is dependent on location and availability. It is imperative to remember that the longer your balance remains unpaid, the higher the interest and levied penalties.
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