Protect Your Home Before it’s Too Late

At Home Tax Solutions, we know how tempting procrastination can be when you’re facing a financial hurdle. But we’re here to tell you that if you don’t pay your Texas property taxes soon, the county will add another estimated 22% to your bill. Not to mention the stressful phone calls and mail they’ll hassle you with. 


That’s an unnecessary waste of your time and money, because Home Tax Solutions can stop the penalties and interest, pay your property taxes, and protect your home. We offer no payment for 12 months, and Home Tax Solutions offers the most competitive rates of any property tax lender in the business. But act fast, because Texas property taxes are due soon. 


Here’s how a quick and easy property tax loan from Home Tax Solutions works:


1. You can absolutely qualify. 
Home Tax Solutions never checks your credit report, and it’s ok if you are behind on other bills. 


2. There are zero dollars due at closing.  
With a property tax loan from Home Tax Solutions, you can afford to address your Texas property tax problem right away, without hurting your bank account. 


3. Your home will be immediately protected. 
Home Tax Solutions will pay your property taxes in full, putting and end to all collection and foreclosure threats from the county. We have never foreclosed on one of our own customers. 


4. We never charge a pre-payment penalty.
If your financial situation improves and you decide to pay off your property tax loan early, we’ll be glad to hear it. 


5. The process is quick and simple. 
Call us and apply over the phone, or apply online at in less than 10 minutes. We can typically close your property tax loan and pay your property taxes within 1-3 days, and we’ll send our mobile notary to you at your convenience. 


6. You can be sure you’re getting the best deal.
Home Tax Solutions offers the best property tax loan deals in the industry. To prove it, we will match any competing property tax lender’s offer. We offer fully customizable payment plans you can afford, with guaranteed low interest and no payment for 12 months. 


Now that you understand how quick and easy it is to invest in a property tax loan with Home Tax Solutions, you can avoid the costly penalties the county will soon charge you with. But hurry, because Texas property taxes are due very soon. 


We hope you’ll take action and give us a call at (800) 688-7306 or visit, where you can apply online in minutes and receive a free quote right away.


We look forward to the opportunity to help out our fellow Texans!