Your Home May Be Subject To Foreclosure

What happens to my home if I never pay the property tax in Texas?

If the June 30th deadline passes and your property taxes are not fully paid off, including any accrued penalties or fees, it could result in a tax foreclosure of your property. In a scenario where the deadline may have passed, you will still be notified with enough time before the foreclosure sale, to pay off any delinquent amount. So, while we don’t recommend waiting to pay off your property taxes in any situation, even if the foreclosure is processed, there is still opportunity to buy the property back.

How does the tax foreclosure process work in Texas?

If you fail to pay off the assessed value of your property taxes, any unpaid portion including any interest, will be imposed as a lien on your home. Your local taxing authority has the power to start a foreclosure in court, as soon as the property tax becomes delinquent. So, unless you pay off the overdue amount or have a legitimate defense against the foreclosure, your home will be sold to a new owner, assuming a buyer is interested. In the case that the home is not bought at the tax sale, the county will take over ownership and receives the right to sell it at a later date.

When will I know this process has begun?

In Texas, the law states property owners must receive written notice of the foreclosure sale before any transfer of property can occur. A notice of foreclosure, including date, time and location of the sale, can be personally served or delivered by mail. However, you can stop the foreclosure by paying off the assessed value at any time prior to the foreclosure, which will lift the lien and halt the process.

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