Tax loan success stories from Texas property owners

At Home Tax Solutions, we understand that getting behind on Texas property tax payments can happen to anyone. That’s why we take a personal approach with our clients and strive to offer the best customer service in the property tax loan industry. Every day, we hear stories from home and business owners whom we serve.

For example, we had the opportunity to help two historic landowners in South Texas keep their ranch in the family. The couple had fallen behind on property taxes when the husband was electrocuted and fell off a rooftop, breaking a hip. Two recent deaths in the family added to their emotional and financial stress, and to top it all off, the taxes on their property were appraised as commercial instead of agricultural “This property has been in our ranching family since 1834, before Texas was Texas,” said one of the owners. “Our ancestor was a survivor of the Goliad massacre.” After signing her property tax loan document with Home Tax Solutions, she said that she felt as though a load of bricks had been lifted from her shoulders.

Another Texas homeowner who amassed a large number of medical bills due a prolonged illness and couldn’t afford to pay his property taxes. He turned to Home Tax Solutions for help. Because of our low interest rate and flexible payment terms, he was able to keep his home, continue repaying his hospital bills and regain his peace of mind. “Home Tax Solutions has great customer service. You call them up, you always get them. The rare times that you don’t get them, they call you right back.”

Home Tax Solutions has helped Texas property owners just like you when times were tough.

Property tax laws aren’t always easy to understand, as an El Paso native learned when she was hit with unpaid taxes on a homestead she inherited from her mother. Although she was paying taxes on the home, when she visited the county tax office she was shocked to discover that the property had an unpaid tax balance and penalty fines, all because she had never changed the status of the home title. After her experience with Home Tax Solutions, she was able to not only pay off the taxes and penalties on the El Paso home — she was also able to buy a new home in Ft. Worth. “They took over the situation, they paid off what was due including penalties, and my life just went smoothly up through the closing,” she said. “I recommend that others reach out to a property tax lender like Home Tax Solutions in similar circumstances. Home Tax Solutions was so efficient, so professional, and it was well worth the percentage they charged me on the balance due.”

These are just a few examples of how Home Tax Solutions has helped Texas property owners just like you when times were tough. Our team at Home Tax Solutions has funded over $75 million in property tax loans, and has protected thousands of Texas property owners from exorbitant property tax penalties. We’re a team of 16 property tax and real estate experts with over 50 years of collective experience in the tax loan industry, and we’re passionate about helping people protect their homes and businesses.

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