Relief Against Increasing Texas Property Taxes

Texas property taxes are in the top 5 most expensive in the nation, about 1/3 higher than the national average. Texas has neither a state property tax, nor a state income tax, so local property taxes have to go further than other places around the country. This year, same as many years before it, most Texas homeowners are seeing their property taxes go up.

What Happen’s If You Don’t Pay Property Taxes?

But what if this increase effectively ‘taxes you out’ of your home? Unsurprisingly, not paying will be your most expensive option. Property owners who don’t pay their taxes will incur interest charges, additional penalty fees, and (after six months of delinquency) an extra 20-25% for collection attorney fees. For most Texans, this means being charged almost an additional 50% by the time the taxes have been delinquent for just one a year.

But there is help in the form of Property Tax Loans. In 2014, the average loan payment plan carried an average interest rate of 12.5%, less than 1/3 the cost of not paying your property taxes at all.

Let Our Texas Property Tax Lender’s Help!

Don’t let a daunting tax increase lead to larger tax penalties. Contact a property tax lender at Home Tax Solutions to help you find a payment schedule that works for your budget.

Enjoy no payments for 12 months and join the thousands of Texans that have found relief from tax penalties. Apply online today!