Are you behind on Your Texas Property Taxes: Here Are Your Options

What could be worse than paying penalties on your property taxes? What can happen to your home if you don’t. If there’s an outstanding balance on your Texas property taxes, your penalty will eventually turn into calls from a collection agency. Penalties will continue to add up, along with collection attorney’s fees and interest, compounding your total balance and making it harder to pay it all off.

After about a year of this, your total tax bill is looking at an average cost increase of about 47% more than if you had just paid your taxes on time. The bad part is, more time adds more fees. Eventually, your taxing authority can enforce a foreclosure on the property due to the unpaid taxes.

At that point, you’ll be out both the money and the property. No one wants that! So with all this stacking against you, how can you get your property taxes paid? Unfortunately, your options to correct the situation once it gets to this point are pretty limited.  The simplest option is to pay the taxes, penalties, and fees in a single lump sum, assuming you can do that now but couldn’t earlier in the year.

If that’s not something you can do, you could choose to pay a portion of the penalties now and some more later. But unless you pay off the whole amount, there is no guarantee the calls or the interest on the fees will stop.                       

The best option would be a property tax loan from a licensed and reputable property tax lender.


Getting help with a loan to pay your property taxes comes with several benefits. You can structure the amount to cover the initial taxes and the added fees and penalties, paying everything off in one fell swoop.

If this is the option you want to go with; Home Tax Solutions is here to help! With a property tax loan from us, your taxes get paid right away and you’ll have one less stress keeping you up at night. We’ll even let you choose your first payment date, all the way up to  no payments for 12 months from closing the loan. Plus, we guarantee a low interest rate and will even match a competitor’s offer.

Not sure if you qualify? We make it as easy as possible. There are no credit checks, no cash due at closing, and applications are usually completed over the phone or on our site in less than 10 minutes. Close your loan and get your taxes paid within 1-3 days. Stop the phone calls, penalties, and the headaches.

We are locally owned by a 3rd generation Texan and  rated A+ from the Better Business Bureau . Our Home Tax team will customize a payment plan to fit your personal budget and put a stop to the mounting fees and penalties. If you give us a call, we’ll even give you a free, no obligation quote right away. Join the thousands of Texans, from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, to Houston and McAllen, who have found relief from tax penalties with Home Tax Solutions.