Meet our Bexar County Team

Bexar County team membersIt’s completely natural before you trust a company to help with the payment of your home’s property taxes that you would want to learn more about them. There are many businesses out there that claim to help people with their property taxes. Home Tax Solutions actually does help residential and commercial property owners pay their annual tax bills and avoid high fees and delinquent payments. We offer low interest loans for residents of all 254 Texas counties. We have offices in five major Texas cities, including our Dallas headquarters, Houston, Austin, McAllen, and San Antonio. If you own property in San Antonio, Bexar County, or south-central Texas, you’ll want to contact the team of professionals in our San Antonio location. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or to find out more about our property tax loan services. You can also complete our online estimate form. This easy to complete form will give our San Antonio team all of the information they need to start meeting your property tax loan needs right away.

Our San Antonio Team

If you live in Bexar County or another county in south-central Texas, you can expect to work with the team in our San Antonio office for all of your property tax loan needs. Our San Antonio Home Tax Solutions team includes:

  • Fernando G. Peralta, Chief Financial Officer
  • Farah Galvan, Customer Service Senior Analyst
  • Amanda Mata, Customer Service Analyst
  • Melanie Cardenas, Residential Loan Officer

For Help with Residential Properties

When you call our San Antonio office for help with loans for your Bexar County home taxes, you’ll likely be working with Melanie Cardenas. Melanie has worked in tax lending for nearly a decade. She puts her years of training and expertise to work helping San Antonio families achieve financial security. As a licensed residential loan officer, Melanie is here to help you with your questions about home taxes, late fees, and explain how property tax loans help you avoid delinquency and achieve your financial goals. Bexar County property taxes are some of the highest in the state and the nation, but we can help you make even the highest property taxes fit your budget.

For Help with Commercial Properties

If you need help with a commercial property tax loan, you will likely work with one of the specialists in our corporate headquarters in Dallas. In most cases, you’ll talk to Danny Collins. Like residential properties in San Antonio, commercial property taxes are on the rise, but Danny and the Home Tax Solutions team can help you pay your property taxes throughout the year without adding on the exorbitant fees for delinquent commercial property taxes. Danny has more than ten years of experience in property tax lending, and he’s currently in the top 1% of tax lien originators in the industry! In partnership with the entire Home Tax Solutions team, Danny can help you with all of your commercial property tax loan needs.