Property Taxes Lessons Learned

If you can't pay your Texas property taxesHome Tax Solutions loves helping people – it’s why we do what we do. Sometimes, we have an opportunity to make a real difference for Texas families, and it’s so rewarding. This month, we received a letter from Donna in Katy, Texas who just had to share her cautionary tale for other Texas property owners. While Donna’s story isn’t typical, these anecdotes are sadly not uncommon for Texas residents. Donna sent us this letter in hopes that her story would encourage others to take the first steps toward getting help with their overdue property taxes, and we hope it will do just that. If you want to get started with a property tax loan from Home Tax Solutions, you can call one of our five convenient office locations throughout Texas. We have offices in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and McAllen, and we’re proud to process property tax loans for all 254 Texas counties. Want to fast track your property tax loan estimate? Take a few moments to complete our simple estimate form. One of our team members will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your options.

What Donna Had to Say


My name is Donna, and I live in Katy, Texas.  This month, October 2018, my mortgage payment will increase from $934 to nearly $2,500 due to forced escrow.  This letter is my idea and I have not been compensated in any way.  This is my real-life situation, not an advertisement.

I am a widow.  My husband, Michael, died very unexpectedly in 2013. It was an unthinkable loss. In one day, our family went from playing soccer together at Katy Park to saying our goodbyes at the local hospital.  No warning.  Our youngest child was 9.  My monthly budget was slashed by 75%.  Immediately I downsized and put our resources into the house I purchased so that mortgage payments would be affordable.  I’ve managed to make things work but in January 2018 due to unexpected auto expenses, I could not afford my property taxes.  I began to accumulate fees.  And I began to receive advertisements from companies like Home Tax Solutions.  I thought they were scams.

In June 2018, I paid half of my property taxes.  Then in July, out of desperation I contacted Home Tax Solutions and spoke with Mary Helen Moore.  I learned that the company, and others like it, was not a scam.  They offered to pay my taxes and even to defer the payments for a year.  It was a perfect solution as my oldest would soon be graduating from law school, had already accepted a job, would be paying her own expenses., and my finances would be much better.

But I waited too late.

Letters are sent from the tax office to mortgage companies in July.  I was contacted (via a notice on a web app) that my mortgage company would be forcing escrow and my mortgage payment would more than double.  Although Home Tax Solutions had already sent their payment to our tax office, since it was after July my mortgage company made me cancel that payment.  The tax office said I was nowhere near foreclosure, but it did not matter.  Forcing escrow was entirely legal.  I sent emails, I begged, but it did not matter.  It did not matter that I had already paid half of my taxes.  It did not matter that I had never been late with a mortgage payment.  It did not matter that I had over $100,000 equity in my home.

Now, I honestly don’t know how I will pay my house note.  The stress is overwhelming.

If you have had unexpected financial difficulty this year and need help paying your taxes, please don’t make the same mistake.  The help that Home Tax Solutions offers is not a sham or a scam.  Your local tax office can also set up a payment plan.  (I also learned this after the fact).  Sometimes though, if you just don’t have the resources because of unexpected life events even a payment plan is not an option. I should have called Home Tax Solutions months earlier.    Don’t make the same mistake.

I hope this letter helps someone.

How Home Tax Solutions Can Help

There are some cases where our best efforts aren’t enough, but the Home Tax Solutions team will never stop trying. Don’t let your property taxes become delinquent. You just got your property bill in the mail this month. If you foresee any issues paying off the balance, plan ahead and give Home Tax Solutions a call or complete our simple property tax loan estimate form to get started right away. We’ll do our utmost to help you avoid high fees and take the stress out of property taxes.