Rising Texas Property Taxes – Will State Lawmakers be Making Changes?

It seems like Texas property taxes are always on the rise. Our counties regularly top the lists of highest tax rates nation-wide. In recent years, school districts seem to be absorbing greater and greater amounts of property taxes in order to keep their doors open to educate our children. This leads many home and property owners to point the finger at schools as the cause of their constantly increasing tax bills. In order to address these concerns while still providing adequate funding for school districts, the 86th Regular Legislative Session proposed House Joint Resolution 24. Keep reading to learn more about how this resolution may impact your property tax bill in coming years.

Taking Care of Our Schools & Lowering Property Taxes

According to legislators, two things are constantly requested by Texas tax payers – take care of our schools and lower our property taxes. Unfortunately, these two things are often interconnected, and it seems impossible to give tax payers both increased funding for schools and decreased property taxes. This complex issue resulted in the development of the House Joint Resolution 24.

House Joint Resolution 24

House Joint Resolution 24 proposes that 50% of funding for local school districts should come from the state while the other 50% will continue to be funded at the local level. This resolution does bring its own complexities to the table. That funding for the schools will need to come out of the state’s budget somewhere, meaning that other state-funded programs will undergo cuts. The House Joint Resolution 24 comes up for the vote on November 5th 2019. Make sure to learn more and show up to vote this November.

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