Re-Appraising the Texas Property Appraisal System

With Texas property taxes always on the rise, one of the many issues that needs review in the coming years is the Texas property appraisal system. In most cases, the best homeowners can hope for is a property that has been appraised as part of a mass of other land parcels, using a mathematical equation to determine a close to accurate value. If the appraisal doesn’t line up with your property’s actual value, you may find yourself dealing with the appraisal review board. Unfortunately, the appraisal review board is just as overworked as the appraisers, and they are biased to side with decisions made by the appraisal district. In this blog, we’re going to review some of the many challenges associated with the Texas property tax appraisal system. Keep an eye on our blog and your local government websites for possible voting opportunities that may lead to changes in the appraisal system in coming years.

Appraisal Issue #1 – The Number of Properties

According to the Houston Chronicle, appraisers in Harris County are responsible for about 5,500 property appraisals each year. Broken down, that means 22 properties per work day (3 per hour). This is, simply put, too many prosperities for one appraiser to visit in one year, leaving your property value in the hands of mathematicians who devised an algorithm to determine home values based on the appraised values of similar homes.

Appraisal Issue #2 – The Cost of Appeal

If you do disagree with the appraised value of your home, you’ll likely be footing the bill for an appeal. You’ll have access to a reassessment by the appraisal review board, but since it’s rare for property owners to win these appraisal board reviews, most homeowners end up taking legal action to get their property values adjusted. The costs of legal counsel and court fees add up quickly, and in the end, you may end up still having to pay the same property tax.

Appraisal Issue #3 – Lack of Transparency & Accountability

The final concern many property owners encounter in the appraisal appeals process is the lack of transparency. When you do appeal the value of your property, the appraisal board has more information than you do about their valuation practices and methods. In short, they are always starting from a home court advantage whether you’re working with the appraisal review board or in the actual courts, especially in small counties. It’s so important to seek out the information you need and try to appeal for a change of venue. If you end up ensconced in a legal suit, work with a good legal team to get all of the information you need before moving forward.

In the Meantime – Trust Home Tax Solutions

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