Home Tax Solutions Named Best Texas Property Tax Lender of 2019

At Home Tax Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a unique financial solution for Texas homeowners who are struggling to fit the cost of their annual property taxes into their budgets. With low interest rates, payment deferral options and great loan terms, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and stop dreading checking the mail in October when your property tax bill arrives. Some of those other property tax lenders attach fees as high as those assessed by the state and sky-rocketing interest rates to their property tax loans. Our loans have low rates to actually provide the relief you need to stay in your home. This year, our hard work has paid off big time! We were recently honored with a 2018 Wealth & Money Management award from Wealth & Finance magazine. Now, we have been dually honored by being named 2019’s Best Texas Property Tax Lender by US Business News. Keep reading to learn more about this honor.

What Award Did We Win?

finance elite awards 2019

We were named 2019’s Best Property Tax Lender for the state of Texas. Our company was founded on a desire to help Texas homeowners, and this passion for helping people got us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, multiple 5-Star reviews across platforms, and, now, recognition from our peers in the finance industry. The Finance Elite Awards from US Business News were created to honor the most innovative and pioneering financial organizations and firms, and we’re beyond proud to be included in this group.

How Did we Win?

In order to receive a Finance Elite Award, we first needed to receive a nomination. Then, we were placed on a short list of finalists. As a finalist, we had the opportunity to present information about our company. After our presentation, a five-member panel completed rigorous research and vetting to ensure our company met the high standards of excellence set by US Business News.

What Does Home Tax Solutions Do for Texas Homeowners?

Home Tax Solutions offers low interest rate loans to help homeowners cover the cost of property taxes. If you’re struggling to pay your annual property tax bill, we’re here to help. Get started by completing our simple online form. A team member from one of our five Texas offices will be in touch soon.