How to Manage a Tax Collector Lawsuit

Sometimes, no matter how much you focus on getting your property tax payments in on time by budgeting and handling your finances responsibly, something can come up and leave you struggling to make payments. Just a few missed payments might mean facing a lawsuit from the tax collection agency. If you’ve received a letter or call from a property tax collections lawyer, you may be worrying about losing your home. When a tax collections lawyer makes contact, it’s time for you to make a call to the Home Tax Solutions team. With five offices throughout the state, we’re able to work with property owners in all 254 Texas counties with our team of professionals either in person or on the phone. With our help, you’ll better understand all your options for property tax payments and avoiding possible foreclosure. Our sole goal is to help families stay in their homes. 

When Are Delinquent Property Taxes Subject to Legal Action? 

Your delinquent property taxes are subject to legal action in most counties after July 1 as they are due on January 31.  

What Should I Do First? 

Don’t ignore phone calls, letters, or other contact from lawyers claiming there is a suit against your delinquent home taxes. If you fail to respond to a summons, the situation can go from bad to worse. Failure to respond to legal actions regarding your delinquent account may lead to a judgement of default and an attached lien (including penalties, interest, and legal and court fees) against your property. This gives the claimant more options to collect back payments, and you do not always have control over how much and when they collect. 

What if a Lawsuit Has Already Been Filed? 

If a lawsuit has already been filed, the best course of action is to get your taxes paid. This is where Home Tax Solutions can help you, as we have done for thousands of Texans. 

How Can Home Tax Solutions Help? 

If you find yourself dealing with legal action as a result of delinquent property taxes, a loan from the Home Tax Solutions team may be a great option for you. This  can relieve the immediate stress of the financial situation and get your budget back on track. With our low interest rates and great financing terms, you can trust that a property tax loan from our team will help you get out of the debt cycle and keep you in your home. Let’s get started today! Simply fill out our online form, and one of the local Home Tax Solutions team members will be in touch soon.