Dallas County Tornado Victims Eligible for Property Tax Relief

In October, North Texas was hit with more than a dozen tornadoes, and many local home and business owners are still struggling to recover from the severe damage. These property owners already received their annual tax bills, and as the holiday season continues, North Texas families may find themselves without their home or business and looking at a tax bill for a property that doesn’t exist only adds insult to injury. Luckily, the Dallas County Commissioners Court unanimously ruled to allow appraisal districts to adjust property taxes and offer these home and business owners some relief.  

What Does the Ruling Mean? 

If your Dallas County property was damaged by one of the North Texas tornados, it will be scheduled for reappraisal by the county tax assessor’s office. This process may take some time, but you should receive an adjusted bill once your property value is reassessed. You can make sure your home is being reappraised by contacting the tax assessor’s office. If your home is in the area specifically designated for disaster relief, you should be covered. If your home falls outside of the area or was damaged by debris, flooding, or other related concerns, you may need to complete additional steps to receive a reappraisal. 

How Does the Ruling Impact Your Bill? 

After your property is reappraised, you should receive an adjusted property tax bill. If you want to find out whether or not your property is being reappraised and what, if anything, you should do in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to your assessor’s office. They should be able to provide information about the reappraisal schedule and when you can expect to receive your new property tax bill. 

What If You Already Paid Your Property Tax Bill? 

If you already paid your property tax bill, you should receive reimbursement for part of the total after your property value is reappraised. If you have questions, contact your local tax assessor’s office.

What if Your Property is Not in Dallas County? 

If your North Texas residential or commercial property is not in Dallas County, contact your appraisal district. Commissioners and authorities in other areas are ruling on how best to provide relief for those impacted by tornados and other natural disasters, so you may be able to have your property reappraised. Additionally, a proposition approved in this November’s elections should make property tax relief for Texas residents more readily available.

Need Help Covering the Cost of North Texas Property Taxes?

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