Can a Texas Property Tax Loan Help Me Keep My Home?

Compared to other U.S property taxes, Texans have the second highest annual rates, so it’s no surprise that many Texans struggle to keep up with the hefty financial burden that these bills place on their families. While Texans do pay unusually high property taxes, there are ways to plan for these fees and property tax loan options to help your family break free from the cycle of debt many Texans find themselves in after failing to pay their property taxes on time. 

Annual Texas Property Tax Bills & Fees

Each year, property tax bills in the state of Texas come out in October right before the holiday season when most families’ budgets are at their tightest. This leaves many homeowners struggling to pay their bills before the January 31st deadline. In addition, on January 1 of each year, a new tax lien is attached to every property in the state of Texas by statute  When property tax bills go delinquent on February 1, the fees and penalties start adding up right away. If taxes are still unpaid as of July 1, a property tax lawsuit may be filed by the county, and within a year of delinquent payment, the amount owed can increase by an additional 47% of the original property tax bill. In short, property taxes can be a huge burden for many Texans, and once they fall behind on these bills, it can be nearly impossible to get out of the debt cycle with the ever-increasing fees and penalties. 

Texas Property Tax Loans Offer Relief for Homeowners

Luckily for Texans, there is an affordable debt relief law that was passed and adapted by the state legislature in 1933 – property tax loans. These loans do come with some fees and interest, but the added cost of property tax loans is significantly less than that accrued through late payment penalties. If you’re struggling to pay your Texas property tax bill, consider a home tax loan to relieve the financial burden of overdue tax bills and avoid foreclosure, lawsuit, or financial hardships.

Let the Home Tax Solutions Team Help 

If you’re in need of an affordable Texas property tax loan from a reputable lender, the Home Tax Solutions team is here to help. With five office locations across the state in Dallas, Houston, McAllen, Austin, and San Antonio, we are able to serve all 254 Texas counties. When you’re ready to learn more, we make it easy for you to apply for a property tax loan by completing our simple online form or calling our knowledgeable team of lenders. We’re here to help!

Social Post: With Texas’ higher-than-the-national-average property tax rates, it’s no surprise that homeowners find themselves struggling to bear the financial burden of annual property tax bills. Luckily, property tax loans from reputable providers like Home Tax Solutions can help keep you and your family where you belong – at home! Find out more in our blog.