Should I Get a Loan to Pay Off My Texas Property Taxes?

This is a question we hear often from Texas homeowners with delinquent property tax bills. Essentially, they worry that a tax loan won’t be any better than just paying the high fees assessed by the state for a late property bill, and, when working with the wrong lender, this can be a serious concern. You can learn more about the consequences of late property tax payments and the benefits of home tax loans in this month’s blog. 

What Happens if My Property Tax Payment Is Late? 

In the state of Texas, all property owners have a sovereign lien attached to their property on January 1 of each and every year. After January 31 of the following calendar year, the tax assessor has an option to foreclose on the home. Learn more about how this works in our previous blog. In most cases, the tax assessor will not begin foreclosure proceedings for many months. Instead, the delinquent property tax bill will accrue penalties, interest, and fees until it’s repaid. In most cases, the property tax delinquency penalties will increase exponentially as outlined below:

  • February – 7% penalty
  • March – 9% penalty
  • April – 11% penalty
  • May – 13% penalty
  • June – 15% penalty
  • July – 42% penalty* 
  • August – 43% penalty* 
  • September – 44% penalty* 
  • October – 45% penalty*
  • November – 46% penalty*
  • December – 48% penalty*

*Beginning in July, there are additional penalties assessed for legal and collections fees that may vary between taxing offices, but these are the average increases.

Why Should I Work With Home Tax Solutions for a Property Tax Loan? 

At Home Tax Solutions, we’ve worked diligently to establish ourselves as the premier property tax lender in the state of Texas. We have five offices statewide servicing all 254 counties across  Texas. Our knowledgeable team members have the information you need to make the right decision about a property tax loan to handle a delinquent bill and get you out of the endless debt cycle caused by increasing delinquency fees. Most of all, we genuinely care about helping Texans stay in their homes. We offer competitive loan terms, low monthly payments, and no cash due at closing. Learn more about property tax loans with our office and why we’re the preferred home tax lender in Texas.

How Do I Get Started? 

The Home Tax Solutions team makes it easy for Texas homeowners to start the property tax loan process. Take a few minutes to quickly complete our online application process. This simple form gives our knowledgeable home loan originators the details they need to start putting together your property tax loan options. Once we have the details ironed out, one of our team members will be in touch to discuss your options. We make every step of the property tax loan process as convenient and stress-free as possible for our homeowners.