Five Counties with the Lowest Property Taxes in Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the property tax bills. The statewide average property tax is about 1.8% of the appraised home value, but residents of Texas will tell you they’d be lucky to only pay 1.8%. Depending on the location, Texas homeowners can find themselves paying more than 4% on average. However, there are some Texas counties that have property tax rates even lower than 1.8%. At the end of the day, one of the most important factors when it comes to Texas property taxes is location. In this blog, we’ll walk through the five counties with the lowest average property tax bills in Texas.

#5 Kent County – $396

Kent County, was established in 1892, and it was named for Andrew Kent who died in the battle of the Alamo. The population is just over 800 people with just three communities, Jayton (the county seat), Girard, and Clairemont (a ghost town). The median home value in Kent County is less than $50,000, and the average homeowner pays .81% property taxes or about $396 a year. 

#4 Zavala County – $369 

Zavala County was created in 1858 and organized in 1884. It was named after Lorenzo de Zavala who was the first vice president of the Republic of Texas. The population of Zavala County is just over 11,500 people. The county seat and only city in Zavala County is Crystal City. The other six communities in the county are either census-designated or unincorporated areas. One of the reasons Zavala County has such low property taxes is because census-designated and unincorporated communities do not have their own governmental structures that are funded through property taxes. The average home value is just under $37,000, and homeowners pay an average of just 1% in property taxes or about $369. Unfortunately, those who live in Crystal City pay more than triple with an average at 3.21%. If you’re looking for the lowest property tax values in Zavala County, head to one of the census-designated or unincorporated communities!

#3 Tie Between Upton & Zapata Counties – $359 

Upton County was created in 1887 and organized in 1910. The county is named for two confederate army colonels, brothers John C. and William F. Upton. The population of Upton County is just over 3,300 people. The county seat is Rankin. There’s one other city in the county, McCamey. Additionally, there’s an unincorporated community, Midkiff, and a ghost town, Upland. The average home value in Upton County is $42,800, and homeowners pay .84% on average in property taxes, or about $359 a year. Homeowners who live in McCamey or Rankin will pay significantly higher average property taxes of 2.24% and 1.85% respectively, so look for real estate in Midkiff to get those lower than average property tax rates!

Zapata County was founded in 1858, and it was named for Colonel José Antonio de Zapata. He was a local rancher who was part of the Texas rebellion against Mexico. The population of Zapata County is just over 14,000 people, and the county seat is Zapata. There are no towns or cities in the entire county. It is made up of 12 census-designated communities, which is why Zapata has such low average property taxes. The average home value in Zapata County is just over $47,000, and homeowners pay just .76% of the home’s value or about $359 on their annual property tax bill. 

#2 Ward County – $342

Ward County was created in 1887 and organized in 1892. The county is named for Thomas William Ward, who is most commonly known as “Peg Leg” Ward. He was the second General Land Office commissioner and served as mayor of Austin three times. The population of Ward County is just over 10,500 people. The county seat is Monahans, and the county is made up of six towns and cities and one unincorporated community. The median property value in Ward County is about $45,000, and homeowners pay just .76% on average or about $342 a year. As is the case in other counties, those living in the towns and cities pay a higher rate between 2 and 2.25%.

#1 Terrell County – $285 

Terrell County was founded in 1905, and it was named for Alexander W. Terrell who was a Texas state senator. Terrell County is perhaps most well known as the setting of Cormac McCarthy’s book No Country for Old Men and the film adaptation of the same name. The population of Terrell County is just under 1,000 people, making it one of the least populous counties in both the state of Texas and the entire U.S. The county seat is Sanderson, a census-designated community. The county is comprised of Sanderson, Dryden, which is an unincorporated area, and Cedar station, which is a ghost town. The average property value in Terrell County is just $42,600, and the average property tax rate is just .67% or $285. 

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