How the Government Uses Income from Texas Property Taxes

Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the U.S. Part of the reason property taxes are so high is that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, so all local government and public service agencies are funded by property taxes. Texas property taxes are determined and used locally, so if you have questions, your local taxing authority will likely be able to give you answers about specific, local budgets. In this blog, we will walk through the main uses for property taxes across the state.

Schools, School Districts & Libraries

By far the highest percentage of property tax income is used to fund schools, school districts, and libraries. Funding public education and academic resources like libraries ensures educational access for all young people and adults. Additionally, access to good education and local resources increases property values, which means higher property taxes. 

Parks & Recreation

The local parks and recreation department helps communities look great, provides opportunities for events, and offers outdoor spaces for children and adults. All are great for the public image and public health. Parks and recreation funding maintains the green spaces, pays for labor to support them, and ensures the community can offer enrichment events.

Police, Fire Departments & Public Safety 

Keeping our communities safe is one of the most important uses for property tax income. Police and fire departments, emergency medical services, 9-1-1, and other public safety resources are funded by home and commercial property taxes. Peace of mind that your home, business, and family are safe is definitely worth the resources allocated to public safety. A safe community also means higher property taxes. 

Roads & Department of Transportation

The department of transportation is also funded by property taxes. Funding is used for a variety of transportation services, including road maintenance, public transport, functioning traffic lights, and other services related transportation. Well-maintained roads and a functional public transit system also contribute to good property values.

Other Public Services 

Public services like hospitals, animal control, museums, and other miscellaneous services are also funded by property taxes. These services enrich our communities and make them better places to live and work. The investment in these types of services will also improve property values by bettering the community. 

Local Government

Finally, local government entities and agencies are all funded by property taxes. Salaries for government employees, maintenance of offices and structures, and regulatory agencies and functions are all funded by property taxes. The salaries and budgets of these various departments are all funded by your home tax bills. 

Need Help Covering a Property Tax Bill? 

Property tax bills in the state of Texas have been high, and they are on the rise. While the goods and services they support are well worth the investment, that doesn’t mean homeowners never struggle to cover these high annual bills. If you’re in need of help to cover the cost of your annual property tax bill, the Home Tax Solutions team is here to help. You can get started working with our team anytime by filling out our online application form. Once we receive your request, one of our friendly team members will be in touch to answer your questions and review your options.