How to Choose a Property Tax Lender

Your home is likely your largest investment, and, if and when you should ever need a property tax loan, you’ll want someone who understands the ins and outs of property tax law and lending and can provide a seamless loan process.  

As with any business industry, Texas property tax lenders can greatly differ in areas of knowledge and expertise, and it’s essential to partner with a lending team that keeps your best interest as their top priority. This not only includes interest rate and final cost of the loan, but also how they carry their business day to day. Does the company offer customized loan solutions, or do they apply a one-size-fits-all approach? 

The following can help you choose a property tax lender that is right for you. 

Licensed Property Tax Lender

Current state licensure shows industry professionalism and met standards. You can verify State of Texas licensing through the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner website. Additionally, a license through the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) can show a high-level of competence. 

Late Payment Policy

Although a property owner avoids a late payment at all costs, life events can happen and affect your available funds. How does a property tax lender handle this situation? Make sure you read and understand the late payment policy and any fine print. Does the lender provide a grace period for late payments? What is the late fee? How many missed payments can happen before a foreclosure? Policies can differ from company to company, so bring up your questions and concerns before choosing a property tax lending provider. 

Upfront Business Practices

Is a property tax loan in your best interest? An honest property tax lender can let you know. Professional, upfront property tax lenders work with integrity, value your situation, and supply the right solutions for your needs. 

Flexible Repayment Terms

Flexible repayment terms can meet the needs of a variety of property owners. Whether you need 1 year or 10, the best property tax lenders provide customers with flexibility on their terms and no pre-payment penalty. 

Fixed Interest Rate

A fluctuating interest rate can make an already critical situation worse. Look for a property tax lender that offers a fixed low interest rate for the life of the loan. Additionally, some lenders match competitor rates to offer you the best value for your loan. 

A Property Tax Lender for Texans

Is your property tax bill hanging over your head? Get in touch with the property tax loan specialists at Home Tax Solutions. We provide Texas property owners with real solutions that can help bring your property tax bill current. 

With Home Tax Solutions, you can expect a hassle-free experience with loan approval in 24 hours. No upfront payment or credit check is required. Take advantage of our flexible payment terms and fixed loan interest rate. 

Get a free estimate and learn how we can help you keep your residential or commercial property.