A How-To Guide for Protesting Your Texas Property Tax Appraisal

As a Texas Taxpayer, you have the responsibility of paying taxes on time and specific rights. We can find this Texas Taxpayer Bill of Rights on the Texas Comptroller site and includes the right to:

  • Fair and equitable treatment
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Understand the taxes you pay
  • Pay only what you owe
  • Representation
  • Contest a decision
  • Request a waiver of penalties
  • Simpler tax filing
  • Courteous, accessible assistance from a real person
  • Know how the government spends your tax dollars

In the coming weeks, Texas property owners can expect an appraisal notice in the mail. This notice shows the taxable value of the home. For some, this value may come as a surprise and under the right conditions, homeowners can file a property tax protest and save money. 

How to Protest Your Property Taxes in Texas

The appraisal review board bases property value on the exterior and neighborhood, not the inside of the home. The estimated value does not take needed repairs or outdated rooms and fixtures into consideration when appraising, however, these factors affect the value of the property. Taxpayers can protest the ARB’s decision in the county of residence.   

The Property Tax Appeal Process:

To begin the appeal process, file a Notice of Protest (Form 50-132) with the appraisal board within 30 days of receiving appraisal notice. Depending on the outcome of the appraisal board review, you may receive a date for a formal hearing within 15 days of the hearing or resolve the matter informally. During the hearing, show evidence of property value errors. Homeowners can supply photos, repair cost estimates, property surveys, deed records, and a list of comparable sales in the community. To make a case, homeowners must provide evidence to prove their case. 

Protest deadlines vary from county to county.

Check your local appraisal district for specific timelines. And in some circumstances, property owners can file a protest after the deadline.