I Was Served With a Tax Suit, Now What?

Receiving a legal notice for unpaid property taxes is alarming for any Texas resident, and if you find yourself in this position, you likely want to know the best choice for moving forward. In Texas, delinquent property tax collection practices can get aggressive and become overwhelming quickly. With property taxes due on January 1 and marked delinquent July 1, foreclosure proceedings can occur in a blink of an eye. 

If served a notice for delinquent property taxes, you can take steps to protect your investment and stay living in your home. First and foremost, ensure the notice is a pre-suit letter demanding payment or an actual lawsuit from a collection law firm. With the former, property owners can respond, pay their past due property tax bill, and avoid the excess late and lawsuit fees associated with a court judgment. If sued, property owners must file a written answer and not only pay delinquent taxes, but also compensate all lawsuit costs. Texas property owners can stop the added fees when they pay their bill in full. While some property owners may consider hiring an attorney for help, this can add more costs to an already expensive situation and, in the best case scenario, only stall time. 

What if I cannot Pay My Property Tax Bill in Full?

Texas property owners have options when unable to pay their tax bill in full. Some, not all, collection law firms offer repayment plans. Many require a down payment to get on a plan and are generally 25% of the past due amount. If this is a practical solution for the situation, it’s a good idea to contact the collection law firm as soon as possible. 

For those homeowners over the age of 65 or permanently disabled, property tax deferment may be an option. A homestead property tax deferment can stop the lawsuit, foreclosure proceedings, avoid excess fees, and allow the property owners to remain in the home. For this option, the property owner must apply and get approval from their local tax assessor’s office. 

Another option for paying overdue property taxes is getting a property tax loan from a state-licensed property tax lender. Property owners find they can get more flexible repayment options, with no money down, and stop collection efforts with a state-approved property tax lender. 

Home Tax Solutions

At Home Tax Solutions, we provide Texas property owners real solutions with flexible property tax loans. With no cash due at closing and no credit check, property owners can get approved and pay off their property tax bill quickly.