Navigating Texas Property Appraisal Protests: Your Guide to Taking Action

The property appraisal and tax system in Texas has long been a subject of frustration for many taxpayers. As we embark on the 2023 battle against an unfair and flawed scheme, it’s essential to equip ourselves with the necessary information to challenge the system. In this article, we will explore the vital details you need to know to file a successful protest. From understanding appraisal district deadlines to seeking professional advice, let’s dive into the world of property tax protests in Texas.

Unveiling Protest Deadlines

One would assume that appraisal districts would make their protest deadlines easily accessible, yet the reality is far from it. The transparency of information varies across districts, making it crucial for property owners to be proactive in their research. Examining the four largest appraisal districts, we find disparities in their presentation of the most basic information—the protest deadline.

Denton Central Appraisal District, unfortunately, fails to provide the deadline on its website, necessitating a direct call to Chief Appraiser Don Spencer for clarification. Collin Central Appraisal District only offers the May 15 deadline in a buried section of a news release, while Tarrant Appraisal District faced technical issues, resulting in a postponed deadline. Dallas Central Appraisal District sets an exemplary standard by prominently displaying the May 22 deadline on its website.

The “Everybody File a Protest” Movement 

In an effort to challenge the unfairness and advocate for change, a growing movement encourages all taxpayers to file a protest. The belief is that by collectively raising our voices, we can address the flaws and inequities within the system. The Watchdog, committed to this cause, has compiled a decade’s worth of stories and videos to aid taxpayers in their research. Exploring the “Full Archive” on provides valuable insights into the 2023 Texas property tax and appraisal protest.

Challenges Faced by Appraisal Districts 

Appraisal districts across the region find themselves dealing with significant challenges. Denton’s chief appraiser faced scrutiny and was ultimately replaced, highlighting issues with leadership. Dallas Central Appraisal District suffered a major ransomware attack, resulting in a prolonged period of offline operations and data loss. Although progress has been made in restoring functionality, further work is required.

Tarrant Appraisal District, infamous for its operational shortcomings, experienced website failures necessitating an extension of the protest deadline. Chief appraiser Jeff Law’s suspension and subsequent discussions about transferring control to the state comptroller’s office highlight the district’s ongoing troubles. State Rep. Charlie Geren’s proposed bill to abolish the Tarrant district further emphasizes the need for improvement.

Insights from Property Tax Consultants

To navigate the complexities of the protest process, we sought advice from property tax consultants well-versed in the Texas system. Glenn Goodrich of emphasizes the importance of proving appraisal mistakes based on Jan 1, 2023, property values rather than relying on market prices from the previous year. Will “The Shark” Wiggins from North Texas Property Tax Services advises focusing on challenging the appraised value rather than the tax amount itself. Supporting evidence, such as blueprints, photos, repair estimates, and sales price documentation, can strengthen your case. Additionally, Realtors can provide a list of comparable property sales in your neighborhood, and you have the right to request evidence used by the appraisal district to determine your property’s value.

The fight against the flawed property appraisal and tax system in Texas continues. As we navigate through the complexities of filing a protest, it is crucial to stay informed and take action. By understanding the protest deadlines set by different appraisal districts, we can ensure we don’t miss the opportunity to challenge our property valuations.

The “Everybody File a Protest” movement is gaining momentum, as more taxpayers recognize the need for change. By leveraging resources like the Watchdog’s comprehensive archive of stories and videos, we can educate ourselves and make informed decisions.

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