The Impact of 2023 Tax Relief Legislation: A Real-Life Example

The year 2023 brought about significant changes to property tax regulations in Texas, and it’s time to take a closer look at the real-life impact of these changes. One Dallas County resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, graciously shared their property tax summary to illustrate how the updated legislation led to a substantial reduction in their effective property tax payment.

A Glimpse into the Numbers

For the sake of anonymity, we’ll refer to our generous contributor as “Dallas County Resident” for this blog post. They’ve provided their property tax summary for 2023, comparing it to the previous year, 2022. Here’s a snapshot of their property tax comparison:

Year Tax Bill Year Capped Value Market Value Payment / Capped MKT Value % Charge
1/1/2024 $ 33,854 2023 $1,799,939 $ 2,143,720 1.88% -11.54%
1/1/2023 $34,327 2022 $1,636,309 $ 2,143,720 2.10%

The Numbers Tell a Story

In our comparison, we looked at the “Payment / Capped MKT Value,” which represents the property tax payment in relation to the capped market value of the property. Here’s what we found:

2023: 1.88%

In 2023, the homeowner’s property tax payment was 1.88% of the capped market value. This figure reflects the portion of the property’s value subject to taxation, and it’s lower than the previous year.

2022: 2.10%

In 2022, the property tax payment relative to the capped market value was 2.10%. This is a slightly higher percentage compared to 2023.

% Change: -11.54%

The most significant finding is the year-over-year percentage change in property taxes owed as a percentage of the property taxable value. Specifically, the homeowner paid 11.54% less in property taxes in 2023 compared to 2022 taxable values. Even though the taxable market value of the property increased by 10% or $163,630, the 2024 property tax payment decreased, resulting in a net reduction of $473 in property taxes year over year. 

Understanding the Reduction

The 11.54% reduction in property tax payments is a testament to the positive impact of the tax relief legislation. This change is attributed to two key factors:

Increased Homestead Cap: The 2023 tax relief legislation raised the homestead cap from $40,000 to $100,000. This change means that a larger portion of a property’s value is now exempt from property taxes, effectively reducing the homeowner’s tax liability.

Reduction in Tax Rates: Another contributing factor is the reduction in various tax rates, notably the Independent School District (ISD) tax rate. In the case of Dallas County Resident, the Dallas ISD tax rate saw a 14% decrease, helping to lower the overall property tax burden.

What Does It Mean for Other Texans?

This real-life example isn’t unique; it offers hope to other Texas homeowners. The 2023 tax relief legislation aims to provide property owners with tax relief, ensuring that property taxes remain manageable, as long as property values don’t increase by more than 10% compared to the previous year.

Check Your Property Tax Bill

As property tax bills become available, we encourage all Texas residents to check their accounts and see how these changes may positively affect them. You can do so by visiting your county tax assessor-collector’s page for your account to stay updated on your property tax details.

The year-over-year comparison of property tax payments illustrates the tangible benefits of the 2023 tax relief legislation. The negative percentage change signifies a significant decrease in property taxes, offering financial relief to homeowners across Texas.

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