Payment Options for Back Property Taxes – How to Save Your Home

If you find yourself grappling with mounting back property tax payments, jeopardizing the sanctuary of your family home, it’s time to turn to Home Tax Solutions for a lifeline! With five conveniently located offices spanning the state, we bring local accessibility to low-interest property tax loans with favorable terms across all 254 Texas counties. Dive into the array of repayment options for back property taxes and discover how our adept team at Home Tax Solutions can rescue you from the pitfalls of property tax delinquency, exorbitant fees, and the looming threat of foreclosure. To embark on this journey with us, simply invest a few minutes in completing our user-friendly online form. Our expert team members will promptly review your application, guiding you towards the most informed decision to settle your back property taxes and liberate yourself from the accumulating financial burdens associated with unpaid taxes.

Deferral Agreements

For individuals aged 65 and older, disabled citizens, certain veterans, and other eligible applicants, the prospect of deferral agreements may provide respite in repaying back property taxes. While these agreements shield homeowners from liens and foreclosure, it’s important to note that interest will accrue on the back taxes until fully repaid. The entire sum of back taxes and accrued interest becomes due upon vacating the home.

Mandatory or Optional Installment Agreements

A mandatory installment agreement for the repayment of delinquent property taxes is mandated if the property owner has maintained on-time payments over the last two years. In addition, optional installment agreements may be available at the discretion of the appraisal district, extending assistance to homeowners, even if their property tax payments have not been consistently punctual in the past two years.

Property Tax Loans

Enter the realm of property tax loans offered by the a – a stellar choice for those seeking low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and, in some instances, payment deferrals. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to identify the most suitable property tax loan options for promptly settling your back taxes. This strategic approach circumvents the accretion of fees and soaring interest rates associated with delinquent property taxes. Instead, you secure a fixed-rate loan, allowing you to make manageable monthly payments and the flexibility to prepay at any time without incurring penalties.

Don’t let the burden of back property taxes jeopardize your home. Reach out to Home Tax Solutions today, and let us guide you toward a secure and sustainable financial future.