Can’t pay Texas property taxes? You have options.

Struggling with Texas property taxes? Explore your options with Home Tax Solutions.

The burden of Texas property taxes can be overwhelming, especially if you find yourself unable to meet the January 31st payment deadline. Missing this deadline not only incurs penalties and interest but also puts you at risk of foreclosure notices and legal fees from local tax collection attorneys. If you’re facing difficulties in paying your Texas property taxes, Home Tax Solutions is here to guide you through potential solutions, helping you avoid unnecessary penalty payments and overwhelming interest.

Explore Your Options:

1. Make Late Payments:

If you’ve missed the deadline, penalties and interest start accruing from February 1 each year until your taxes are paid in full. Unfortunately, these fees are non-negotiable and remain attached to your property. Act quickly to mitigate the financial impact.

2. Get a Tax Deferral:

If you’re over 65 and your property is your personal homestead, you might qualify for a tax deferral. While your taxes won’t disappear, late fees will cease, and your interest will be reduced to 8%. Note that if you no longer occupy the property, you’ll need to settle the accumulated taxes within 180 days to prevent foreclosure. Consider making affordable interest payments to minimize future accumulation.

3. Create a Payment Plan:

Confident in your ability to repay late taxes and prepared to handle next year’s payments independently? Opt for a payment plan mandated by Texas law. Keep these key points in mind:

  • Down payments may go up to 25%.
  • Equal monthly payments are required for 12-36 months.
  • A once-every-two-years limitation on repayment plans.
  • Defaulting leads to retroactive penalties.

4. Get a Property Tax Loan:

Leverage the option of property tax loans, a legal recourse available to Texas residents since 1933. Home Tax Solutions, as a trusted Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, offers property tax loans with competitive rates and a 12-month payment hiatus. This solution enables you to promptly settle your property taxes, safeguard your home, and manage monthly payments effectively, freeing up funds for next year’s taxes.

Home Tax Solutions is committed to stopping penalty payments and protecting your property. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we provide property tax loans tailored to your needs.

Call Home Tax Solutions at  (800) 688-7306 or apply online for a property tax loan within minutes, receiving a free quote instantly. Don’t let property taxes jeopardize your home – explore your options today!