Anderson County Property Tax Loans

If you just got your Anderson County property tax bill in the mail, you know that Texas property taxes are high. In fact, Texas has some of the highest average property taxes in the U.S. If you’re struggling to keep up with the cost of your annual property taxes or you’ve already fallen behind and the hefty late payment penalties are adding up fast, the Home Tax Solutions team is here to help. We put what we do right in our name – we offer homeowners a solution for covering the cost of high property taxes in the state of Texas. If you’re ready to learn more about how Home Tax Solutions can help you cover the property tax bill on your Anderson County home, simply fill in our online application form. This easy request form takes just a few minutes to complete, and it gives our team all the necessary information to start putting together your property tax loan options. 

The Home Tax Solutions Loan Process in Anderson County

While it’s a bit of jaunt, Anderson County residents will work with the team at our Home Tax Solutions headquarters in Dallas, Texas. You can use the link above to fill out the online form. Our team is also available by phone if you prefer to get started that way. Simply call our Dallas office at (214) 431-4043. If you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love to have you drop by to see us. Our office is located at 4849 Greenville Ave., Suite 1620, Dallas, TX 75206. 

About Anderson County 

Anderson County is one of the smallest in the state of Texas with a population of only about 58,000. It was first established in 1846, and the county is named for Kenneth Lewis Anderson who served as the last vice president of the Republic of Texas. While the average property tax rate in Anderson County is only about 1.24%, residents of the county seat, Palestine, pay a significantly higher average rate of 2.86%. Other towns in Anderson County that also see higher property taxes are Elkhart at 2.25% and Frankston at 2.4%. The relatively low average for the county is due to the large number of unincorporated townships that pay lower property taxes as they do not fund local governments. 

Anderson County Resources 

If you want to find out more about property taxes and other tax and residency information for Anderson County, we invite you to explore some of the following resources:

Anderson County, Texas Homepage

This government site connects Anderson County residents, homeowners, and visitors to important information and resources they may need, including pertinent tax information.

Office of Anderson County District Clerk

The Anderson County District Clerk helps residents find information on costs and fees, government agencies, records and documents, and forms that may be necessary to learn more about your property taxes.

Anderson County Appraisal District

The Anderson County Appraisal District website gives residents access to resources they may need for property valuation, disaster appraisals, and other solutions.

Anderson County Tax Office

If you have questions about your property taxes, fees, or deadlines, the Anderson County Tax Office will give you access to the information you need.

Office of Anderson County District Attorney

The Anderson County District Attorney’s office may have relevant information about changes in tax law, public service announcements, and other information you may need about ever-changing property taxes.

Cities in Anderson County

  • Alderbranch
  • Bethel
  • Blackfoot
  • Bois d’Arc
  • Bradford
  • Broom City
  • Brushy Creek
  • Cayuga
  • Cedar Creek
  • Concord Church[28]
  • Cronin
  • Crystal Lake
  • Days Chapel
  • Denson Springs
  • Elkhart
  • Elmtown
  • Elmwood
  • Fosterville
  • Frankston
  • Greens Bluff
  • Long Lake
  • Massey Lake
  • Montalba
  • Mound City (partly in Houston County)
  • Myrtle Springs
  • Neches
  • Palestine (county seat)
  • Pert
  • Providence
  • Redtown
  • Salmon
  • Sand Springs Church[28]
  • Slocum
  • Springfield
  • Swanson Hill Church
  • Tennessee Colony
  • Todd City
  • Towns
  • Tucker
  • Unincorporated areas
  • Wells Creek
  • Yard