Andrews County Property Tax Loans

If you’re worried about paying your Andrews County property tax bill, you’re not alone. Homeowners in the state of Texas have some of the highest property taxes in the U.S., but if you’re struggling to cover this cost, the Home Tax Solutions team can help. We offer property tax loans that help homeowners break free from the cycle of debt related to delinquent property tax payments. If you’re ready to learn more about who the Home Tax Solutions team can help, simply take a few moments to fill out our online request form. Once we receive your request, a member of our team will be in touch to finalize the details of your home tax loan options. 

The Home Tax Solutions Loan Process in Andrews County

Andrews County residents will work with the Home Tax Solutions team in Austin, TX. It’s a bit of jaunt, but most of the process can be conducted over the phone or online, and in many cases, we can send representatives to meet our clients. If you would like to speak with one of our team members, don’t hesitate to call our Austin office at (512) 212-9396, and if you’re in the area, feel free to visit us at 823 Congress Avenue, Suite 1030; Austin, TX 78701. 

About Andrews County 

Andrews County, with a population of less than 20,000 people, is one of Texas’ smallest counties. It was established in August of 1876, and it is named for Richard Andrews, a soldier in the Texas Revolutionary War. The average property tax rate in Andrews County is just .88%, significantly lower than the state and national averages. In Andrews, the county seat and only city in Andrews County, residents typically pay a tax rate of about 2.49%. The extremely low average property tax rate for the county is due to the large number of unincorporated townships that pay lower property tax rates because they don’t fund any local government agencies. 

Andrews County Resources 

If you want to find out more about property taxes and other tax and residency information for Andrews County, we invite you to explore some of the following resources:

Andrews County, Texas Homepage

This government site connects Andrews County residents, homeowners, and visitors to important information and resources they may need, including pertinent tax information.

Office of Andrews County District Clerk

The Andrews County District Clerk helps residents find information on costs and fees, government agencies, records and documents, and forms that may be necessary to learn more about your property taxes.

Andrews County Appraisal District

The Andrews County Appraisal District website gives residents access to resources they may need for property valuation, disaster appraisals, and other solutions.

Andrews County Tax Office

If you have questions about your property taxes, fees, or deadlines, the Andrews County Tax Office will give you access to the information you need.

Office of Andrews County District Attorney

The Andrews County District Attorney’s office may have relevant information about changes in tax law, public service announcements, and other information you may need about ever-changing property taxes.

Cities in Andrews County

  • Andrews (county seat)
  • McKinney Acres
  • Florey
  • Frankel City
  • Coyote Corner (ghost town)
  • Fasken (ghost town)
  • Old Place Windmills (ghost town)
  • Shafter Lake (ghost town)
  • Sixteen Corner Windmill (ghost town)
  • Waldon Place Windmill (ghost town)