Bee County Property Tax Loans

Your property tax bill can take you by surprise. As a state with some of the highest property taxes, many Texas property owners fall short and wonder how they can catch up on annual taxes and fees. Falling behind on property taxes is not something any homeowner plans, and it can prove difficult to break the loop once it starts. Fines and late fees can quickly accrue and leave property owners with a larger debt to face. Fortunately, property owners can get expert help from Home Tax Solutions. The knowledgeable team at HTS helps property owners find the best solution for their property tax situation and how they can timely cover the high cost of Texas property taxes with a property tax loan. Get out of property tax debt and apply for a Bee County property tax loan with Home Tax Solutions. Fill out this simple online application, and learn about the options and terms that can fit your budget. 

The Home Tax Solutions Loan Process in Bee County

With corporate offices located around the state, Bee County residents can work with our Home Tax Solutions’ San Antonio team in-person or over the phone for their all their property tax loan needs. We make it hassle-free and can approve your application in just 24 hours. Schedule your closing and payment due date at a time convenient for you. And with zero down at closing, you can take a sigh of relief. Qualified borrowers can also defer payments up to 12 months. 

About Bee County

Founded in 1857, Bee County is home to many rural and ranch properties and has a long history of cattle ranching. From 1968 to 1993, Naval Air Station Chase Field, located 5 miles from Beeville, served as an Advanced Jet training station for the Navy and supplied more than a quarter of the Vietnam War Navy pilots. Today Bee County still honors long held heritage and traditions blended with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary culture.   

Bee County Resources

If you want to find out more about property taxes and other tax and residency information for Bee County, we invite you to explore some of the following resources:

Bee County, Texas Homepage

The Bee County government site provides residents with a full line of information and helpful resources. 

Office of Bee County District Clerk

The District Clerk Office can help find online records and offers helpful Texas law related links, such as civil case information, adoption procedures, and the Texas Attorney General Child Support Division. 

Bee County Appraisal District

Search for forms, properties, and zoning records online with the Bee County Appraisal District

Bee County Tax Office

The Bee County Tax Office provides many helpful links for residents. Here you can register your vehicle online and pay county property tax.  

Office of Bee County District Attorney

Located in Beeville, TX, the county attorney office can help with criminal discovery requests and provide victim assistance. 

Cities in Bee County

  • Beeville (County seat)
  • Mineral
  • Normanna
  • Pawnee
  • Pettus
  • Skidmore
  • Tuleta
  • Tynan