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Let us pay your Property Taxes in 48 Hours!

We pay the county and set you up on an affordable payment plan.

  • Single Digit Interest Rates
  • No Payments for up to a year
  • 99% Approval Rate
  • Over 15,000 satisfied Texans (See it for yourself and check our reviews!)

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Our payment terms are more generous that any of our competitors,
and certainly better than those offered by the respective counties.

We Pay Your Property Taxes

Get low interest and time to pay,
while protecting your property.

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Single Digit Interest Rates

At Home Tax Solutions, we don't just say we have the lowest rates, we guarantee it. In fact, we'll give you $100 if we can't beat a competitor's offer. We were more than 2.5% lower than the industry avg. in 2014.

No Payments for up to a year

Our goal is to give property owners the time they need to get their financial legs under them. That's why we offer payment deferrals for up to twelve months to qualified borrowers.

NO Credit Check

We don't pull individual credit reports. Never have. Never will. It's part of our commitment to be the customer-focused no-hassle property tax payment solution for Texans.

ZERO Money Due at Closing

Put your cash away. You have enough hands reaching into your pockets. We want to help you keep your property and your money. All you'll need at closing is your signature.