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Frisco, TX – Development Plateau & How Property Taxes are Impacted

Frisco is a planned community in North Texas that has been growing exponentially over the last several decades. In recent years, city planners and local government authorities have faced a serious concern that impacts many fast-growing communities. Specifically, once the planned development is at an end, how do they maintain their city without all the […]

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How Will Texas Proposition 3 Impact Property Taxes for Disaster Relief?

If you or your family have been hit hard by one of the many hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods that impacted millions of Texans over the last few years, you probably followed the progress of Texas Proposition 3, which proposed a property tax exemption or deferment for those property owners impacted by natural disasters. If you […]

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Dallas County Tornado Victims Eligible for Property Tax Relief

In October, North Texas was hit with more than a dozen tornadoes, and many local home and business owners are still struggling to recover from the severe damage. These property owners already received their annual tax bills, and as the holiday season continues, North Texas families may find themselves without their home or business and […]

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Which North Texas Neighborhoods Had the Biggest Property Tax Increase?

Every year, the average property tax rate for Texas homeowners is significantly higher than the national average, and, for those who live in metropolitan centers like Dallas-Fort Worth and the greater north Texas area, property tax rates often double the national average. As neighborhoods and communities improve, property values increase, and the average property tax […]

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