Need Help with Paying Property Taxes in Texas?

If you own property, you have to pay taxes. Property Taxes were due by January 31. Which means if you still haven’t paid, penalties, attorney’s fees, and interest all have been accruing since February 1 and have attached to your property. If paying your property taxes is still on your to-do list, there are few options you have at this point.

Here Are a Few Helpful Options

The first and most devastating option is continuing to do nothing. By letting penalties and fees pile up, this option will eventually lead to the tax collector foreclosing on your property. You’ll lose ownership, and if you want to repurchase, there will be another significant redemption penalty payable to the investor who purchased your property at foreclosure.

If you are ok with potentially burning bridges, you can try borrowing from family or friends. While it’s slightly better than doing nothing, this route isn’t guaranteed to end in relief, and can come with the side effect of making family gatherings around the holidays even more awkward.

Credit cards are another avenue to pursue, but ultimately this option is just transferring debt from one entity to another usually with a higher interest rate. Plus, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to secure a card with the credit limit exceeding what you are owing.

Reaching out to a reputable Property Tax Lender is often your best solution to this problem. With a property tax loan from Home Tax Solutions, get caught up on your property taxes with a flexible plan with terms available from 1-10 years and with no prepayment penalty for an early payoff.

Get Property Tax Help Today

Find a payment schedule that works for your budget. Enjoy no payments for 12 months and join the thousands of Texans that have found relief from property tax penalties. Call today to learn more about property tax payment plans: (800) 688-7306.