What Happens if I Don’t Pay Texas Property Taxes?

Property taxes play a significant part in funding state and local governments across the US, but in the state of Texas, property taxes have a lot of work to do. Your property taxes make up a huge percentage of funding for the government, emergency services, schools, hospitals, and more. In short, it’s important that we all pay our property taxes to fund these essential agencies, but we all know that Texas home tax rates are also some of the highest in the country. If you’re struggling to pay your property taxes or you’re behind on payments, the Home Tax Solutions team can help. Learn more about what happens if these taxes go unpaid and how our team can help.  

Delinquent Property Taxes – Tax Lien

Property tax bills are sent out in October every year, and they are due January 1. On the first day of each and every year, a governmental sovereign lien is attached to your property for the ensuing year to secure payment of your taxes, penalties, and accrued interest and fees. Taxes are not delinquent until the following January.  

Defaulted Property – Foreclosure  

If you still fail to repay the delinquent property taxes, legal action will typically begin, which can result in a delinquent attachment to your property. At this point, collections agencies can begin to collect repayment, using more aggressive tactics, and your home may even be foreclosed on. To avoid this, it’s important that you take steps to repay the delinquent property taxes as soon as possible. 

How Home Tax Solutions Can Help

At Home Tax Solutions, we offer homeowners options to get out from under their delinquent property taxes, keep their families at home, and ease the burden of a lump sum tax bill. With over 107 years of combined experience handling property tax loans in the state of Texas, our loan officers can help you understand your options and get your delinquent taxes and fees paid right away. With reasonable interest rates, deferral periods, and knowledgeable team members committed to service, you’ll get the help you need to get your finances back on track. When you’re ready to begin, our team is happy to help! With five offices across the state, we’re able to provide property tax loans for residents in all 254 Texas counties. Get started now by filling out our simple online form. We’ll do a little research. Then, one of our local specialists will be in touch to help you explore your options as soon as possible!