County Collection Attorneys Go Out July 1st

A delinquent property tax bill can add up quickly and make an already expensive bill much higher. With each month of non-payment, property owners can see drastic and increasing interest rates and a collection for non-payment in July. 

On July 1st, all delinquent accounts for the current year are turned over to the county tax attorneys for collection. On top of previous penalties accrued for non-payment, county collection attorneys charge up to 20% for the collection fee. This high interest is devastating for many residential and commercial property owners. 

As of today, the taxing authority may start a foreclosure in court if you have overdue property taxes. When this happens, the court will enter a judgment and they could sell your property to a new owner at auction. If it does not sell at the tax sale, it will be “struck-off” to the county. This means the county gets the property and will try to sell it again at a later date. 

When facing imminent foreclosure under Texas law, you must be given written notice of sale before it takes place. This is typically through a letter that includes the time, date, and location of the sale. You can avoid foreclosure by paying off your taxes at any point before the sale takes place. 

A Property Tax Loan Can Help Avoid Foreclosure

Property tax loans offer a unique way to avoid foreclosure from happening. If unable to pay your property taxes on your own, a property tax loan can save you from potentially losing your home and avoid additional court expenses, fees and penalties, and interest charged by the county. Your property tax bill should not burden your life; avoid wiping out your savings account and apply for a property tax loan. 

Home Tax Solutions

Home Tax Solutions gives property owners peace of mind and helps keep them in their home. We provide an affordable solution and have helped thousands of Texas property owners stop county collection efforts and pay their taxes all at once. 

Home Tax Solutions can provide you with an affordable payment plan with single-digit interest rates. You can get started in three easy steps. We offer low fixed rates, no credit check, and can defer payments for up to 12 months

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