Benefits of a Property Tax Loan

For many Texans, their annual property tax bill is a burden. And with the increase in dollars we’ve seen over recent years, this comes as no surprise. When overwhelmed by a looming property tax bill that may seem unaffordable, property owners can take measures and protect their investment. One solution is a property tax loan from an authorized lender, and Texas property owners can gain several benefits from taking out a property tax loan. 

Advantages of a Property Tax Loan for Residential and Commercial Property Owners

With penalties often over 47% of the original bill, a delinquent property tax bill can unfold a host of excessive costs and fees and quickly increase the original amount due. And while property owners may hold off foreclosure proceedings for a short while, the collection and legal fees still accrue, and the owner remains responsible for the full amount due. 

A property tax loan can put an end to the excessive interest and legal fees and bring a sigh of relief. In fact, the monthly cost of a property tax loan can be significantly less than a payment plan arrangement with the local county tax assessor. Repayment plans through state-run tax assessor offices are limited and can be as little as 12 months and up to 36 months. With these terms, payments can still be unaffordable and property owners can find themselves in the same situation…unable to pay their residential or commercial property tax bill. 

Residential and commercial property owners can find the flexibility they need with a property tax loan. With some basic information, a property tax lender can provide a working solution that can fit within your needs and budget. This flexibility in repayment terms can serve a greater number of residential and commercial property owners and help them protect their property from foreclosure. 

Aside from flexible and lower monthly payments, property loans come with other added benefits. For instance, at Home Tax Solutions, we require no money down and can provide approval within 24 hours. With the lowest rate guaranteed, you can also take advantage of no payments for up to 12 months, so you have the time and resources to sort out other necessary needs. 

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