How a Property Tax Loan Can Stop a Lawsuit on Your Property

A delinquent property tax bill is distressing, and a looming lawsuit can bring more anxiety to an already stressful financial situation. If this is the current state of circumstances you find yourself in, a property tax loan may be the solution you’re looking for. 

A property tax loan through an approved lender can stop collection efforts and pay off delinquent property taxes, fees, and legal costs. Many property tax lenders offer flexible payment options, and often lower monthly payments than a county tax assessor can provide. In many instances, a property tax lender can offer approval within 24 hours and pay off the property tax bill, taxing authority fees and interest, and legal fees with no down payment. 

A Licensed Property Tax Lender Can Help Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Texas legislation made it possible for property owners to work with property tax lenders and pay their tax bill. For many residential and commercial properties, this option makes it possible to avoid skyrocketing costs and foreclosure proceedings. And since many counties can only offer repayment terms of 12-36 months, a property tax lender can work with the property owner’s budget and needs and can offer a personalized repayment plan. 

A Hassle-Free Loan Process with Home Tax Solutions

The helpful team at Home Tax Solutions provides options for property owners in Texas, and, with our simple loan process, property owners can get approval and schedule a closing date within 24 hours. 

You can get started and receive a free quote from a qualified loan officer from Home Tax Solutions. Simply fill out the online application or call us directly. With the information received, we can develop a customized repayment plan and prepare all property tax loan closing documents. On closing day, you can securely sign documents online or we can send our closing agent in-person for signing. After the mandated 3-day waiting period, Home Tax Solutions submits payment for your property taxes and your taxing authority will send a receipt of payment for your records. It’s as easy as that!

An Affordable Property Tax Solution 

Residential and commercial property owners can stop the tax collection lawsuit and get on with their lives with a property tax loan. Get in touch and learn more how we can help you pay off your bill with a flexible property tax loan.