What to Do During a Property Tax Lawsuit in Texas

Are you currently facing a property tax collection lawsuit in Texas? Texas property owners often encounter some of the highest tax rates in the country, and with the economic uncertainties of recent times, it’s no surprise that many individuals are struggling to keep up with their expensive property taxes. Once a homeowner misses the deadline (delinquency date) set by the appraisal district and its appraisal review board, their taxes become delinquent, leading to serious consequences, including the possibility of tax entities filing lawsuits against you. In extreme cases, the municipality may even seize your property and put it up for a foreclosure sale to settle outstanding taxes.

When dealing with a property tax lawsuit, it’s essential to stay informed and take the right steps to protect your interests. Here’s a guide to help you understand what to do during a property tax lawsuit in Texas:

Stay Calm and Act Promptly: 

Receiving a notice from an attorney can be nerve-wracking, but remember that it doesn’t automatically mean losing your home. Most people are initially contacted to inform them of the impending lawsuit, providing an opportunity to take action. You still have time to apply for a property tax loan from a registered lender or seek tax exemption to halt the lawsuit.

Protesting Property Appraisal: 

If you believe your property’s appraisal value (tax amount) is inaccurate, you can protest the valuation by filing a dispute with your county appraisal district. However, once you’re being sued, using overcharging as a defense is no longer an option.

Respond Legally: 

Once the lawsuit is officially filed with the court, you have a legal obligation to respond. Ensure you reply as soon as possible, granting yourself extra time to arrange the funds needed to pay your property taxes.

Understand the Process: 

Property tax collection lawsuits work differently from typical settlements. There’s no partial settlement or debt forgiveness when it comes to unpaid property taxes. The tax collector can demand the full amount owed, and if you’re unable to pay, your home may be foreclosed and sold at public auction by the sheriff. Familiarize yourself with the process to navigate it more effectively.

Pay Off Your Debt Promptly: 

To avoid accumulating additional fees, it’s crucial to pay off your property tax debt as soon as possible. Whether you opt for a loan or find other means, prioritizing prompt payment will help you avoid further financial strain.

No Excuses for Non-Receipt: 

Not receiving your tax bill or statement is not a valid excuse. You remain liable for your tax payment, along with any accrued interest or penalties. A tax lien is placed on all properties subject to taxes on January 1, and personal liability for the taxes falls on the property owner until they are paid.

Finding A Property Tax Lender In Texas

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Navigating a property tax lawsuit can be challenging, but being informed and taking proactive steps can significantly improve your chances of reaching a resolution that works for you. Remember, seeking professional advice and assistance can also be beneficial during this process.

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