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Where do My Austin Area Property Taxes Go?

Texas has some of the highest property tax rates in the U.S., so many homeowners find themselves wondering just where do my tax dollars go? For residents of the state capital, Austin, and the surrounding communities, property taxes may actually be a little lower than rates in some of the other major cities. The average […]

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How Property Taxes in Texas are Impacted (Or Not) By COVID-19

We completely understand that during this pandemic, paying your property tax bill is probably not top of mind for you. Many Texans are worried about paying other bills like electric and internet right now, so it may seem a little early to be worrying about paying property taxes. The Home Tax Solutions team is always […]

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Where do My Greater Houston Metro Area Property Taxes Go?

As the state with the second highest property tax rates in the U.S., it’s no surprise that many Texans find themselves looking at their hefty annual home tax bills and asking themselves, “Where do my property tax dollars go?” For those in the Greater Houston metro area, property tax rates are some of the highest […]

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Can a Texas Property Tax Loan Help Me Keep My Home?

Compared to other U.S property taxes, Texans have the second highest annual rates, so it’s no surprise that many Texans struggle to keep up with the hefty financial burden that these bills place on their families. While Texans do pay unusually high property taxes, there are ways to plan for these fees and property tax […]

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