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Homestead Exemption 101 – Everything You Should Know

Texas property taxes are regularly included as some of the highest across the U.S., so homeowners should take advantage of every opportunity to reduce their property tax bill. Exemptions are a great way to make the cost of property taxes fit your budget, and the residential homestead exemption is one of the most beneficial, saving […]

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Will the New Property Tax Law Impact Your October Bill?

With not one but two laws that will impact property tax bills passed by the Texas legislature in 2019, homeowners may be anticipating a more affordable property tax bill this October. Unfortunately, these new property tax laws won’t be in effect until next year’s property tax season, but there is some hope of more reasonable […]

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Keeping Commercial Property Taxes Under Control

The state of Texas has notoriously high property taxes. In fact, several cities in Texas top the annual lists of highest property taxes in the U.S., so it’s no surprise that business owners are always looking for ways to lower their property tax rates. In this blog, we take a look at some of the […]

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Should I File a Property Tax Protest?

First and foremost, you should approach a property tax protest with the right mindset. Taxing authorities are trying their best to accurately appraise property values with very limited resources. With so few appraisers in each taxing district, it’s not possible for every property to be individually evaluated each year. Past values, similar property values, and […]

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Why are Texas Property Taxes So High?

This is a complex question, and many Texans think they have the answer. In this blog, the Home Tax Solutions team is going to take a look at some of the reasons Texans find themselves with hefty property tax bills each year, what homeowners can do, and how the Home Tax Solutions team helps. Property […]

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