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I Still Haven’t Paid My Property Taxes – Now What?

• In the month of June, counties may send letters announcing steep penalties that will be added to your account in July. • On July 1st, most counties transfer delinquent accounts to collection attorneys and add an additional 15-20% penalty, increasing original tax bills by up to 36% – 41%. • Collection attorneys begin contacting […]

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Filing a Law Suit to Collect a Delinquent Tax

Filing a law suit to collect a delinquent tax is an expensive and time consuming act. This law firm will generally not file a law suit to collect a tax unless prior efforts to collect the unpaid tax have been unsuccessful. If a law suit is filed, however, the costs of that lawsuit are not […]

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Bogus Email About Senior Citizen & Disabled Homeowner Property Tax Relief

In May 2007, Texas voters approved Proposition 1, a constitutional amendment providing property tax relief to elderly and disabled homeowners. Planning for the approval of the constitutional amendment, legislators approved House Bill (HB) 5. HB 5 provided tax relief to senior citizens and disabled persons by ensuring school tax ceilings were reduced proportionally to reflect […]

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