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Property Taxes in Texas

Texans commonly jest that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but few ever contemplate what happens to those unable to meet their tax burden due to a financial hardship. Unfortunately, for thousands of Texas property owners each year, not being able to pay their property taxes is a harsh reality that could […]

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How Property Taxes Are Handled in Texas

Property taxes in Texas are collected by county tax assessor-collectors, who attach a lien to every residential and commercial property on Jan. 1, which stands until the bill is paid.  If taxes remain unpaid after June 30, taxing entities can add as much as 42 percent in penalties and interest. Most counties refer delinquent property tax accounts […]

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I Still Haven’t Paid My Property Taxes – Now What?

• In the month of June, counties may send letters announcing steep penalties that will be added to your account in July. • On July 1st, most counties transfer delinquent accounts to collection attorneys and add an additional 15-20% penalty, increasing original tax bills by up to 36% – 41%. • Collection attorneys begin contacting […]

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Filing a Law Suit to Collect a Delinquent Tax

Filing a law suit to collect a delinquent tax is an expensive and time consuming act. This law firm will generally not file a law suit to collect a tax unless prior efforts to collect the unpaid tax have been unsuccessful. If a law suit is filed, however, the costs of that lawsuit are not […]

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Bogus Email About Senior Citizen & Disabled Homeowner Property Tax Relief

In May 2007, Texas voters approved Proposition 1, a constitutional amendment providing property tax relief to elderly and disabled homeowners. Planning for the approval of the constitutional amendment, legislators approved House Bill (HB) 5. HB 5 provided tax relief to senior citizens and disabled persons by ensuring school tax ceilings were reduced proportionally to reflect […]

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