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Who Gets the House? Who Pays the Property Taxes?

According to an old idiom, death and taxes are the only things in life that are guaranteed. When the two come together, things can be confusing and stressful. Property taxes are the last thing you need to worry about after the loss of a loved one, divorce, or other special circumstance that might make property […]

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Payment Options for Back Property Taxes – How to Save Your Home

If you’re struggling to get out of debt and dealing with back property tax payments that may leave you and your family home at risk for foreclosure, it’s time to call Home Tax Solutions! We have five offices across the state that allow us to provide local access to low interest property tax loans with […]

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What Happens if I Don’t Pay Texas Property Taxes?

Property taxes play a significant part in funding state and local governments across the US, but in the state of Texas, property taxes have a lot of work to do. Your property taxes make up a huge percentage of funding for the government, emergency services, schools, hospitals, and more. In short, it’s important that we […]

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How to Manage a Tax Collector Lawsuit

Sometimes, no matter how much you focus on getting your property tax payments in on time by budgeting and handling your finances responsibly, something can come up and leave you struggling to make payments. Just a few missed payments might mean facing a lawsuit from the tax collection agency. If you’ve received a letter or […]

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